An air filter is a part of the car which delivers clean air to the engine. An air filter delivers around 10,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of gas that the car burns. When the outside air flows through it to enter the engine, it gets filled with dust and debris which causes it to get clogged. When the air filter gets clogged, less air reaches the engine which can cause performance issues and other problems to the car. So it is important to get the air filter replacement done on time. If you don’t the air filter replaced on time, it would result in many problems such as a decrease in mileage, spark plug problems, car starting problems, reduce acceleration power, check engine light will pop-up and the color of the air filter will change. A new air filter is generally white or off-white. It is suggested by mechanics to keep the engine in good condition for a longer period of time, it is necessary to get the air filter replaced on time. To know when to get it replaced, you can check the owner’s manual or consult a professional mechanic near you.

The oil filter is a necessary component of the car which does the job of keeping the oil then enters the engine clean. The oil does a lot of work when the car functions and keeps the parts of the engine from forming carbon and makes sure that the engine doesn’t heat up. The oil keeps the parts of an engine lubricated to make sure you get the best performance and the filter makes sure that the oil is in great condition to ensure that it happens. The oil filter in a way refines the oil and prevents it from contaminating and damaging the engine of the car. Oil filter change intervals are mentioned in the owner’s manual according to the car’s requirement and it is not necessary to get it changed along with the engine oil.

The cabin air filter performs the really important function of cleaning the air entering the vehicle cabin clean. It can be located in various places like the glove compartment, dashboard or under the hood. It does the job of filtering the air then enters the car and prevents things such as dust, pollen, smog and mold spores from entering the cabin. It also prevents the leaves and debris from entering and forming. It helps improve the air quality and prevents major problems from happening. It is necessary to replace the cabin air filter on time and it should be changed every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. It depends on the car and you should always prefer checking the owner’s manual to know such things.

The fuel filter performs the function of filtering the fuel as it reaches from the tank to the engine. It prevents the dirt, dust, rust and other contaminants from settling down at the bottom of the fuel tank. The function of the fuel filter gets harder to perform as the car gets older it can have sediment buildup. This can cause the filter to get clogged and might require you to get it replaced often. The fuel filter is clogged can cause many major problems and affect parts like fuel pump, engine, reduce fuel efficiency, performance and much more. Hence, it is necessary to get the fuel filter replacement done on time.

These are the different types of filters that perform important functions in the car and require to be maintained and replaced on regular intervals. It is also necessary to get them replaced by professional mechanics near you. You can also hire a mobile mechanic near you to get the service at home or office.


A battery is what helps fire up the engine. It is a source of power that helps in the ignition process. It also provides charge and power to other accessories of the car. Any car requires a battery as it is useful for various purposes in a car like starting the engine, stabilizing it, filtering, and also for car accessories like electrical lighting and dashboard lights. It helps provide power whenever the charging system is unable to carry excess loads and maintains the flow of charging system when it is not operating.

The battery is really important as your car won’t start without it being fully charged or the other accessories won’t be able to function without it. When the battery is fully charged the car can run smoothly and start on the first attempt.

A battery usually lasts 4-6 years depending on usage and maintenance. But it does start showing wear and tear after a couple of years of usage. It is an important component that needs to be taken care of regularly. Here are the signs that a car shows to indicate that the battery requires being replaced.

Check battery sign: The first thing you will notice when the battery is low of having any other problems is the check battery sign. It can be due to various reasons that the check battery light might pop-up like lose cable ends, low liquid level, and other. When you notice the sign it does not mean that it is something major and requires immediate attention. It just means that you need to get the battery checked in few days to figure out the problem.

Engine cranks but does not start: When the battery is a couple of years old or been idle for a while, it takes some time to crank up the engine. The car might require for tries to start as the battery charged gets low when it stays idle. It can also happen during the winter season. After a couple of years, the battery needs to be charged, cleaned, and maintained to get the best performance. It will also help it last longer.

Sometimes the car starts, sometimes do not: As the battery gets past its prime, the battery starts showing major signs like this which directly indicates that it requires being replaced. The car won’t be able to start even after many tries as the battery has lost its ability to recharge itself as it could before.

Taken to the limit: When you have used battery to its full potential by maintaining it, cleaning it, and recharging it, the battery finally will give up when it has run its course. The car would not able to crank up the engine after a lot of tries and there would be no use of getting too charged again.

Not even cranking the engine: This is the sign that shows that the battery is dead and has to be replaced immediately. The engine won’t even crank and the car won’t show any sign on the dashboard of a battery.

The best thing to do to get a battery replaced is to find a mechanic near you. Look for a local auto repair shop in the nearby area who is well-known auto repair service provider and people in the locality trust. You can also search online or call a mobile mechanic at your home or office to get the battery replaced. The process of replacing a battery is quite simple but is better to get it replaced by a professional as any sort of ignorance while replacing the battery can affect its lifespan and cause problems to the car as well. Even you can DIY it if you have some experience of doing it or by watching a tutorial. Still, for the best results, it is better to get it replaced by a professional mechanic.

These are the signs which indicate that the battery requires being replaced. Once you notice these signs, it means that the time is near to get a battery replacement done are to get it checked.

The importance of Pre-purchase inspection before buying Used Cars

Getting the pre-purchase inspection done before buying used cars is really important for many reasons. Only a professional mechanic can give you the answer to the question you might have before purchasing a used car. A professional opinion would benefit you a lot in the long term. Here’s why you should get a pre-purchase inspection done before purchasing a used car.

It is necessary to get the pre-purchase inspection done for used cars as they might not be what they look like from the outside. The exterior might look great, but it’s under the hood what matters. The pre-purchase inspection helps to find out the real condition of the car by diagnosing each part of the engine, brake condition, tyres and tear and much more. This pre-inspection helps to understand how long the parts will last and when you might have to pay a huge amount to get them repaired or replaced.

Diagnosing also helps to know about the auto repair problems that might be in the car or happen in the near future. Some car owners tend to sell the car just before it is about to cost them a huge amount of money in repair and pre-purchase used car inspection saves you from falling into such kind of traps. The pre-purchase inspection gets you complete information about the car from inside-out and lets you know whether it would be worth the investment or not.

Checking the quality of the car is really important. Whether the parts in the car are original or cheap replicas or alternatives from the market. Pre-purchase inspection helps to find out whether the parts of the car are genuine or not. As cheap parts used for brakes, oil and others can harm the lifespan of a car which is already been used and you are about to purchase it. The quality of parts and interior, as well as exterior, is really important to check as a car lifespan depends on all its components.

The main reason to get the pre-purchase inspection done is to find out the real worth of the car. Usually, the quoted price is always higher than what it should be. The inspection helps to find out the real price or worth of the car after proper diagnosis and checking. Whether it is worth the money being quoted and how long would the car last. Both these important questions get answered when you decide to get the pre-purchase inspection done. It also helps you get assured that you won’t have to worry about any auto repair problems for a couple of years if the car is in good condition.

You can get the pre-purchase inspection for used cars done by hiring a mechanic near you. Local mechanics and mobile mechanic provide this service. Mobile mechanics provide car pre-purchase car inspection service at an affordable price and do all the necessary diagnosis and checks required to assure the quality of the car and find out its true value.


The radiator coolant is very important for a car because the engine would overheat without it which can lead to breakdown and engine failure. The coolant is what helps the heat to dispel and keep the engine cool. The coolant is added to the radiator in mixed proportion with water which helps prevent the water from freezing or boiling in the extreme temperatures. The engine generates extreme heat which is unbearable and the cooling system highly relies on the coolant water to play its part in cooling the engine down.

The coolant water is a mixture of water and antifreeze which are stored in the radiator of a car. Mechanics generally suggest you add 50/50 of antifreeze if you add more antifreeze in the mix it would increase the boiling point and decrease the freezing point. It is better to add 50/50 of both as it suits all kinds of condition an engine might face.

Without coolant, the heat generated by the internal combustion can easily destroy the engine in no time and water is not enough to keep the temperature under control. Thus, coolant is required to make sure that the engine can remain cool under extreme temperature. In summer, the temperature is very high and the water alone would evaporate entirely. In the same way, in winter the water would freeze and the car would not be able to function. There are many other reasons that make coolant really important fluid for the car.

The coolant prevents the internal parts of the engine from corrosion. The coolant requires being changed every 30000 miles and every time you feel the radiator water has reduced you need to refill it.

The engine is prone to corrosion and coolants lose their properties as the time passes. Mostly, after a couple of years, the fluid when added to the radiator would look rusty instead of green, red or orange. It means that it is time to flush the radiator as it is the sign of rust at the bottom of the radiator. If the radiator is clean, the coolant will move more smoothly and the radiator would function more effectively. Mineral deposit, gunk, metal erosion are the things which can cause blockage and harm the system’s functioning. This can cause the engine to get hot and affect the performance of several parts of the car. Flushing the radiator removes all the unnecessary particles from the system.

The coolant flush should be done as recommended by the manufacturer. It is usually around 2 years or 30,000 miles. The radiator should be flushed when any related parts are replaced to prevent contamination of components. Climate and condition of the car is a major factor in which the interval to change fluids and parts depend. Making sure to get the coolant replaced on the noted time or when other worn-out parts are replaced is necessary and should not be avoided.


When you get the tyres replaced, you don’t have to worry about any uncertainties while driving for the next 60,000-100,000 miles. How long the tyre will last depends on the tyre rating and also on how you drive. The new tyres improve the driving experience and make it easier to turn, stop or go. Every 5-7 years, you should consider getting the tyres replaced for safety and better driving experience. It costs a bit more than other auto repairs, but this one is completely worth it.

The grip on the road matters the most and new tyres assure that you don’t have to worry much about it. The car needs more distance to stop when the tyres are worn out and can’t make short turns at normal or a bit higher speeds. New tyres make the driving easier by improving the performance. Tyres nowadays are made for better and long-lasting performance with stickier compounds and tread design that improve the road grip. When you go to buy tyres, be clear in your mind about the purpose of the seasons you car might face in the near future or at that time. As there are tyre options for different reasons and seasons.

The mileage is greatly affected by the condition of the tyres. If the tyres are worn out and have been uneven, the mileage will suffer a lot as the car will have to work harder to maintain a grip on the road. To get better mileage, the tyres need to be well mounted and balanced. Also, keeping them inflated is necessary. Another thing you need to do is to get the wheels aligned whenever you get the tyres replaced. Make sure to get the tyres replaced by a professional mechanic near you for best results. The tyres won’t get worn out prematurely and the car would be able to provide the best mileage.

Make sure to get the right tyres for the right seasons and driving purposes. If you leave in a place where it snows a lot, the softer tyres are better which have the tread designed for that particular purpose, but the same tyres will cause problems during summer. The best thing to do is to select a tyre with the perfect combination of both that can provide you best driving experience by maintaining traction in all condition and seasons. Always do proper research, get a professional opinion from mechanics or take the suggestion from the auto repairs shop or mobile mechanic you hire to get the tyres replaced.


Here are some tips that professional mechanics would suggest to help brake pads last longer.

The brake pads get most affected when you press the brake to stop at high speeds. The higher the speed, the more heat the brake pads would have to deal with. It causes the brake pads to wear out quicker and needs to be stopped in order to make the brake pads last longer. Brake pads replacement is one auto repair that people don’t like to get done again and again but want it to last longer. Hence, taking some precautionary measures are better than regretting paying and visiting auto repair shops.

People often ignore using the right foot to press the brake pedal. The brake pedal and accelerator should be pressed using the same foot by taking the force of one and pressing the other. If you use the left foot, their brakes might wear out sooner as the brake and accelerator are simultaneous without the driver knowing that he is making the mistake. You can notice that some cars when passing by having their brake lights on which happens to due people being unaware of the problem and using different feet to press the pedals.

Driving smoothly at a constant speed or going for a cruise rather than short drives is always better for brake pads. On long drives and cruises, you don’t have to press the pedal as often as you have to in the city. Don’t wait till you reach the bumps to press the brakes. Instead, keep an eye out for it and slow down according to prevent unwanted braking which causes unnecessary wear and tear to the brake pads.

Make sure you don’t carry any unnecessary weight in the car. An overloaded or heavy car causes the brake pads to wear out quicker as it has to take more pressure. Avoid carrying any unwanted things in the car and just keep a basic emergency kit. If the car is heavy, it causes a problem to the tyres and affects the fuel economy.

The brake fluid plays a really important role in the braking system and it needs to be changed on a timely basis to avoid brake pads from wearing out soon. The brake fluids keep the temperatures in control when there is excess heat generated due to emergency braking and high-speed braking.

Brake pad replacement doesn’t cost too much. But if you do the rash driving, you might require getting this auto repair done a lot. So follow few simple things and save money as well as time.


There are many mobile mechanics in Austin, but can you trust them all? The mobile mechanics business has increased immensely in the past couple of years and mobile mechanics have begun providing services in all parts of the world. Mobile mechanics is a new segment of auto repair industry that provides auto mechanics the opportunity to grow their business and expand their area of reach. But the important question is that whether can you trust all mobile mechanics from Austin?

In Austin, there are many mobile mechanics available for various auto repair services nowadays. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind and take a note of before hiring a mobile mechanic.

Firstly, make sure the mobile mechanics are licensed or not. Making sure that the mechanics are licensed assures that safety of the car and you know that the mobile mechanic is capable and has the knowledge of your car problem.

Secondly, book a mobile mechanic from a trusted website that provides you guarantees or warranties regarding services. Otobots provides a warranty of 12 months/12000 miles to its customers. This is an important thing to get on a customer’s part as it allows you to drive without worries for 12 months and if something does happen again, you are already covered.

The others to keep in mind are the price/service policies and quality of mechanics the company provides. Check the reviews of the auto mobile repair service providers before hiring one.

The best things about booking a mobile mechanic from auto repair service providers like Otobots is that all the mechanics are well-experienced and certified. The services they provide have a warranty and the pricing is transparent. The amount quoted to you before the booking is the amount that will be charged. There are no hidden charges and you don’t have to pay a single penny more than the quoted amount. It is time-saving and you can ask them to come to you wherever you are, just provide them a proper parking space is all you need to do.

The mobile mechanics from Otobots are specialized in particular diagnosis and repairs. This means the mechanic that comes to you is a master in diagnosing and repairing a particular problem.

If you hire a mobile mechanic keep all the above in mind, so you can trust the mechanic without any worries of getting scammed. The risk of your car getting damaged is zero to none.


It is a question that arises in many people’s mind. Mobile mechanic services are hard to trust for some people as they don’t know the people who are going to fix their car. People usually prefer to go to their local mechanics or ask friends and family to suggest a good one. But mobile mechanics should be and can be trusted. Here are a few reasons to explain why.


When your car breaks-down or needs service you can call or book a mobile service online and they come to you wherever you are. It makes the whole process hassle free and you don’t have to re-schedule your day according to your mechanic. It helps save time and the mechanic comes and diagnoses the car in front of you. If you already know the problem, you even get the quote before calling them which makes it safer for you as knowing how much you will have to pay for the services in advance makes you decide better.


The payment system with mobile auto-repair service providers is really simple. The customer gets the pricing details before the booking the service. The pricing is always reasonable and affordable for the services they provide. The price that is offered and the service are booked is what you have to pay for. There is no change in price later on and you don’t have to pay any additional cash to the mechanic either. This kind of transparent and honest pricing is what makes experience trustful.


A customer’s vehicle’s complete safety is insured as the mechanics are highly qualified and can handle all types of car issues. If a customer doesn’t know what’s wrong with his car, the mechanics are qualified and experienced enough to diagnose the car and point it out. The mechanics that are sent for a job specialize in that particular car problem. A customer can completely trust the mechanics with their car. The experience of the mechanics comes in handy and your car gets fixed soon and no time is wasted.

Mobile auto-repair service should totally be trusted as the services they provide are hassle free and secure. The payment methods are transparent and the mechanics are best in the business at what they do. And the most important part is that you don’t have to waste any additional time or money for getting your car fixed.

Could Simple Maintenance Save You On Car Repair Costs?

When people think about auto repair, they immediately think about the high-priced solutions that are at Repair Shops. This happens a lot, too. You go to an auto body shop and they look under the hood, only to find out that you have a lot of work that needs done. They could give you an estimate for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, causing you to grimace at the price tag. How can one drop the price a bit? Well, that’s the thing about repairing cars, only a few people know how to do it correctly, and everyone else has to pay for the labor and the parts. But there is a way to reduce the overall cost, and it starts with understanding a few tips about maintenance. If you can just do a few simple things, you could reduce the cost of your repair bills outright. Take into consideration the following simple tips.

Use The Right Fuel

Do not go with premium fuel. Premium gasoline is not only going to be expensive, it’s not going to save your engine. In fact, you could end up doing what is called “pinging”, in your car. What this does, is it causes the engine to burn elements a bit faster, and could end up causing your car to end up with an engine fire over time. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, but chances are you are not driving a race car. Only special cars really need the premium gas that stations sell, and it’s not the average consumer. Don’t be fooled, don’t buy premium unless your owner’s manual specifically says that you should, simple as that.

Changing The Oil Properly

Every 3,000 miles, right? Well, that’s no longer the case. Today, you’re going to have to read your owner’s manual carefully. You can always try to go with 3,000-mile oil changes, but if your car isn’t that old, and has been made after 1992, you do not need to follow this rule. In fact, you could cause damage to the parts, especially for those that have to use a special type of motor oil. Read your owner’s manual, follow that as the bottom line, and don’t believe the hype that surrounds changing oil at every 3,000 miles, it’s not necessary.

Do Not Ignore The Lights

The lights on your dashboard are important. If you don’t understand them, then look at the owner’s manual and figure out what is wrong. Do not let the lights come up and ignore them. This includes tire pressure lights, check engine lights, and the dreaded oil light. If you ignore these, chances are to pay big bucks later. Some people have even driven for miles, but there will be a point where your car breaks down, and you’ll end up with a serious issue. Do not ignore the lights, and always double check what the lights mean if you don’t know what is going on. Doing so, will save you from making the costly error of ignoring them. Once you figure out the issue, go to a trusted Mechanic and save money on a bigger issue.

Five Benefits Mobile Mechanics Offer vs. Physical Shops

When your vehicle breaks down, it can be a hassle to get fixed. You have to schedule an emergency appointment, arrange to get your vehicle transported to a mechanic for repair (which sometimes incurs a towing fee), and then anxiously wait for the repairs to be made.

With mobile mechanics from Otobots, there’s no more fuss when it comes to fixing your car. The convenient and affordable mobile mechanic services provided by Otobots outshines traditional repair centers in several ways.

Mobile mechanics come to You

Mobile mechanicsWhen you connect with an Otobots mechanic, we come to you. There’s no need to worry about taking your car to a physical shop or having it towed. All you have to do is provide access to a private driveway, parking lot, roadway, or garage. Our mobile mechanics will then diagnose your vehicle, inform you of their findings and make necessary repairs.

Precise Service

After you give Otobots your vehicle’s year, make, and model and describe the problem that you’re having with the car, you’ll be partnered with the best mechanic in your area who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Professional Billing

Our billing process is hassle free. We provide upfront quotes for your service, and we never tack on hidden fees or additional charges. Our mobile mechanics arrive at your location equipped to handle your exact repair, and you’ll always be charged the amount of your original quote.

Guaranteed Work

All services performed by Otobots mobile mechanics comes with a 12,000-mile or 12-month service guarantee. We’ll fix your vehicle right the first time.

Speed of Service

At Otobots, we know how important your vehicle is to your day-to-day life, and we understand that having it repaired at a physical shop is time-consuming and stressful. Instead, rely on us and have one of our professional mechanics fix your car when and where it’s needed.

When you need service performed on your vehicle, you can trust our mechanics to make the repairs quickly so you can get back to driving. Our mobile mechanics provide an unparalleled level of convenience for an array of automotive issues, including preventative maintenance as well as major repairs—such as timing belt replacement and brake service.