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Who We Are?

Otobots is the name that comes to you for all your auto repair and service needs!

Otobots connects car owners with expert mechanics who offer a mobile service through us. Expanding upon the evergreen issue of leading hectic lives and not having the time to deal with many things, we understand and subsequently cater to all your auto service and repair needs via a mobile and efficient service. Our service can come to your home or office, at your desired time, at a predetermined price, and with an experienced and certified mechanic. This way, your car gets fixed or repaired while you continue with your other tasks and everything is done and completed smoothly – much like your car will be after our services are conducted!

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To deliver a cost-effective and convenient solution to car maintenance by directly connecting car owners with experienced and dedicated mechanics, all the while backing all services with industry standard warranty. Professional mobile auto services is what Otobots is all about.
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Our aim is centered on assistance, convenience, and efficiency. We look to save time and provide professional mechanic services to all clients, working on their schedule and not our own. With a simple and basic procedure of ordering our services, choosing a mechanic, and transacting payments, Otobots is of ease to you entirely.

Services that Cater to Every Need

We are expanding our service catalog every day. Currently we have the most common maintenance and repair services. They include:

Oil change


Brake pad replacement

Spare Tire installation

Check engine light inspection

Window, mirror, & wiper system repairs

Pre-purchase car inspection

Lamps & switches replacement

Our Team

Mobile auto mechanic

Arun Simon


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Mobile auto mechanic

Kuruvilla Simon


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Mobile auto mechanic

Febin Abraham


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Mobile auto mechanic

Thomas Simon


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