An air filter is a part of the car which delivers clean air to the engine. An air filter delivers around 10,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of gas that the car burns. When the outside air flows through it to enter the engine, it gets filled with dust and debris which causes it to get clogged. When the air filter gets clogged, less air reaches the engine which can cause performance issues and other problems to the car. So it is important to get the air filter replacement done on time. If you don’t the air filter replaced on time, it would result in many problems such as a decrease in mileage, spark plug problems, car starting problems, reduce acceleration power, check engine light will pop-up and the color of the air filter will change. A new air filter is generally white or off-white. It is suggested by mechanics to keep the engine in good condition for a longer period of time, it is necessary to get the air filter replaced on time. To know when to get it replaced, you can check the owner’s manual or consult a professional mechanic near you.

The oil filter is a necessary component of the car which does the job of keeping the oil then enters the engine clean. The oil does a lot of work when the car functions and keeps the parts of the engine from forming carbon and makes sure that the engine doesn’t heat up. The oil keeps the parts of an engine lubricated to make sure you get the best performance and the filter makes sure that the oil is in great condition to ensure that it happens. The oil filter in a way refines the oil and prevents it from contaminating and damaging the engine of the car. Oil filter change intervals are mentioned in the owner’s manual according to the car’s requirement and it is not necessary to get it changed along with the engine oil.

The cabin air filter performs the really important function of cleaning the air entering the vehicle cabin clean. It can be located in various places like the glove compartment, dashboard or under the hood. It does the job of filtering the air then enters the car and prevents things such as dust, pollen, smog and mold spores from entering the cabin. It also prevents the leaves and debris from entering and forming. It helps improve the air quality and prevents major problems from happening. It is necessary to replace the cabin air filter on time and it should be changed every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. It depends on the car and you should always prefer checking the owner’s manual to know such things.

The fuel filter performs the function of filtering the fuel as it reaches from the tank to the engine. It prevents the dirt, dust, rust and other contaminants from settling down at the bottom of the fuel tank. The function of the fuel filter gets harder to perform as the car gets older it can have sediment buildup. This can cause the filter to get clogged and might require you to get it replaced often. The fuel filter is clogged can cause many major problems and affect parts like fuel pump, engine, reduce fuel efficiency, performance and much more. Hence, it is necessary to get the fuel filter replacement done on time.

These are the different types of filters that perform important functions in the car and require to be maintained and replaced on regular intervals. It is also necessary to get them replaced by professional mechanics near you. You can also hire a mobile mechanic near you to get the service at home or office.