Why Perform a Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection?

Automobile purchases are one of the top three most expensive purchase you will make in any given year. Used cars have been driven for years by someone else, so it is important to know the current condition of the vehicle you are looking to invest in.

Modern vehicles have very extensive mechanical and electrical systems that only a trained Otobots technician can troubleshoot and diagnose. Problems, if not discovered, could cost you thousands of dollars to repair after your purchase. You wouldn’t purchase a home without an inspection – so why bypass this step when purchasing a vehicle. An used car inspection by one of our Otobots mechanics will save you money in the long run. Our Otobots technicians are familiar with all types of cars and trucks.

Otobots expert inspectors can provide you with what matters most, knowledge and awareness. What this means to our clients is more security when making their purchasing decision.

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OTOBOTS provides Auto Repair services at your convenient location such as home or office. We are a Mobile Mechanic service and our pricing is 30% lower compared to Shops. Get a quote online and schedule an appointment. Our services are backed with 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.

Why get a used car inspection?

Our certified auto repair mechanics will consider the make, model, condition, and mileage of the used car before recommending the necessary upgrades or fixes. We offer a used car inspection service with optional repairs based on your car’s individual needs. All used car inspection-related services will be performed on time at a location of your choosing.

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Still not sure if the vehicle in question needs an inspection? Read our FAQ’s:

The vehicle starts up, but it’s not smooth – could it be the starter?

It could be anything from the battery to the starter to the spark plugs. We would need to do further diagnostic to see if it’s the alternator or something else causing the problem. Other charging system problems include a loose drive belt, faulty wiring or blown fuse, defective ignition switch, etc.

I see several dents and scratches in various spots – is there a chance of additional damage underneath?

Unfortunately there’s always a chance of additional damage that you cannot see. You don’t know how the damage was caused, or how long its been there. Our technicians will need to remove the part(s) in question to get a better look at the damage.

What happens if I purchase a used car and everything seems ok – until I find something a week later?

Nearly all used vehicles are sold with an “as-is” document, so as a buyer you are responsible for all repairs after the sale. With modern automobiles this can get very expensive very quickly. Unfortunately it’s too easy to be fooled by a freshly detailed car with a steam-cleaned engine compartment. These methods are used by sellers to try and enhance the value of a vehicle. Our certified Otobots technicians inspect everything about the car you are interested in so you will know what is in need of immediate repair.

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Some highlights of our pre-purchase inspection

Thorough inspection

• Complete body/paint examination
• Photos of vehicle condition
• Frame & structure
• Under body & under hood
• Interior appearance
• Any exterior repairs
• Functional and walk around
• Detailed report from ASE inspector
• Vehicle fluids check
• Exterior inspection
• Engine compartment inspection

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