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During fall season of Illinois, the weather is usually colder and some component of the vehicle can be affected. The first inspection a mobile mechanic should check is antifreeze. The antifreeze should have a proper mixture of 50/50 and the antifreeze should be filled to the top of the radiator and to the full line of the overflow tank. Also, if the antifreeze is dark brown in color or has more than 30,000 miles then it is time to flush the cooling system.

After the antifreeze inspection, the mobile mechanic should inspect the battery and alternator system. The battery should have the minimum cold cranking amps for your vehicle and the voltage of the battery should be no less than 12.6. If the battery is weak, it should be replaced. In addition, the alternator should produce at least 13.5 – 14.2 volts. If the voltage is out of specification, the alternator should be replaced if it is producing too much voltage or too less. Next, Auto repair shops should check all drive belts for cracks, deterioration, and deflection. If the belts condition is worn have the mobile mechanic replace the belt.

Moreover, the fuel system should be inspected. The fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injector should be inspected by a car repair shop. During the cold season, it’s is more difficult for fuel to move through the line, any restriction such has a dirty fuel filter, clogged fuel injector or weak fuel pump will make the vehicle difficult to start. Always have the mobile mechanic start with the basic and easiest part to replace and work his way up until the vehicle is running great. Next, the auto repair shops should inspect the tires. It is best to get snow tires with winter traction since it snow in Illinois. The tires should be properly inflated to the correct PSI.

In addition, there are many more components and that should be check. Engine oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles or 3 month so new oil moves more freely than older oil. Also, transmission fluid should be inspected. The color should be bright pink or if the fluid is older than 2 years or more than 30,000 miles it is time to replace the fluid. The brake system should be inspected since driving in the snow is dangerous, the brake system and abs should both work well. The abs light should not be on and there must be enough brake pads for stopping.  Furth more, if you need more inspection, call your local mobile mechanics and they will be more than happy to assist you and prepare your vehicle for the fall season. It is important to have your car checked and repaired by a reliable mobile mechanic. Skip the Auto Repair Shops in Naperville, Car Repair Shops in Northbrook, Auto Repair Shops in Elmhurst, Car Repair Shops in Des Plaines, since it is highly recommended to call Mechanics in Northbrook, Mechanics in Elmhurst, Mechanics in Naperville, and Mechanics in Des Plaines to perform an inspection.

The brake system is the most important system in a vehicle. It helps bring a vehicle to a stop and prevent a collision. Call your local Mobile Mechanic in Stafford, TX to help inspect your brake system and replace required parts as needed. In a brake system, it consists of all disk brakes or drum brakes which is usually the rear. In a disc brake system, it consists of disc brakes, rotors, calipers (single and dual piston), brake hardware and caliper guide pin. When servicing a disk brake system, it is important to check the condition of the brake system. Automakers provide specifications when to replace certain components of the brake system.

Brake pads should last longer than 40,000-60,000 miles if driving mostly highways and can last as short as 10,000 miles if driving local streets. Driving habits can determine how long disc brakes can last. For example: if you have a food delivery job, you will mostly likely use your brake very often. In that case, a Mobile Mechanic in Richmond, TX should come to your place whether it’s at your home or office and inspect your brakes at least once a year for safety reasons. Brake pads usually have a mechanical sensor on the brake pads and when the brake pads run low, it rubs against the rotor and a squealing noise can be heard indicating it is time to replace the brake pads. Call your local mobile mechanic in Missouri City, TX immediately do not wait as waiting can lead to brake failure and scoring the rotors.

When replacing the brake pads, certain components should be replaced for example: the brake hardware, brake pads and rotors should be resurfaced. The rotor cannot be resurfaced more than 2-3 times otherwise; it will become thin and will longer be in specification. The brake fluid should be flushed at least every 2 years and brake sliding pins should be lubricated with recommended good quality brake lube. The brake caliper piston should also be inspected for potential leaks, and if it is leaking the caliper should be replaced. In that case, when the caliper is replaced; new brake fluid should be used and the system should be bled for air. Sometime during a brake pad replacement, the caliper may be seized and the piston may not go back in. Again, the caliper should be replaced for safety reason.

In a drum brake system, the brake springs, wheel cylinder, drum shoes, parking brake strut, hold-down pin, parking brake lever, adjusting screw assembly and automatic adjuster level and pivot should be inspected. It is recommended to not to reuse the springs and retainer, as overtime the spring can lose its ability to hold the drum shoe in place.  A certified ASE mobile mechanic in Spring, TX should be able to determine what needs to be replaced. For example, you can ask the mobile mechanic to inspect the wheel cylinder for leaks, the spring for tension, parking brake lever and so on. The drum should be resurfaced when the drum is scored, out-of-found, or worn unevenly or replaced if it is no longer in specification.

After the drum brakes have been replaced, the adjusting screw assembly should be adjusted so the drum shoes can properly be press against the drums. Also a quick test will help determined whether it has been properly adjusted. With the vehicle on the floor, lift the hand brakes or press the foot brake if it has one. The vehicle should not move at all when you trying to push it in neutral and if it does move, have your mobile mechanic readjust the drum brakes. The vehicle should be test drive to make sure the brake system is working properly. Remember to contact your mobile mechanic and set an appointment.

There is nothing worse than a dead car especially when you need to get somewhere on time. There are several possible root causes that are preventing you from starting your car. Some are easy and can be fixed by an average Joe while others may need a mechanic to take a look. Here are some of the common symptoms and causes behind them:

  • Nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

More than likely you have a dead battery in scenario. You can try to jump the car using a spare battery, battery booster or another car. If this issue happens more than one time, have the battery and alternator inspected by an auto mechanic such as our Mechanics in San Diego

  • Even with a jump, nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

If nothing happens even with a jump, then most likely there are issues with connections between the battery and the starter or the starter itself.

  • A clicking noise but doesn’t crank

This usually means you have a weak battery. Try jumping the car in this situation and if successful, have a technician run a battery diagnostics to see if it’s time for a new battery. If jumping the car doesn’t work, then you may have a bad connection between battery and the starter, a bad starter solenoid or a bad starter itself. It’s time to engage a mechanics in Poway, CA.

  • Engine is cranking very slowly

This is pointing towards a weak battery. Try jumping the car and if successful, considering replacing the battery unless you see an obvious cause for charge drainage such as lights left on overnight.

  • Car cranks but doesn’t start

In this situation, you can have a bad fuel pump, spark plug issues, ignition coil issues and a blockage/leakage of fuel itself.

  • Car starts for a few seconds then it dies

This symptom is pointing towards a faulty fuel injector or a fuel flow issue. It’s time to book a mechanics in Encinitas as it involves advanced repairs.

If you need help with any of your auto repair needs, Auto Repair in Del Mar, CA can send you a certified mobile technician. In most cities Otobots have techs that can assist you on the same day with in few hours.

Belts are part of maintenance and are required to be inspected and replaced at certain interval to prevent disastrous problem. For example, one of the most important belt replacements is the timing belt. A timing belt should be replaced every 60,000-120,000 miles depending on the manufacture requirements. Some manufacture recommends replacing at 60,000 or every 5 years while different manufacture may recommend replacing every 120,000 or every 10 years. The reason why timing belt is very important is because it helps synchronize the crankshaft, camshaft, piston, and valve. When the timing belts breaks, the valve can hit the piston thus leading to an expensive repair for an interference engine. For a non interference engine, this will not be an issue.  

Another important belt that requires attention is the V belts. A V Belt can turn multiple pulleys at once. For Example, a V belt can turn the alternator, air compressor and power steering pump at the same time. When the belt breaks, the alternator loses the ability to charge the battery therefore draining the battery and eventually the vehicle will come to a halt. In addition, the power steering pump will lose its function to provide steering assist to the driver therefore making it difficult for the driver to turn left and right. On a V belt engine, there may be multiple V belts turning different parts. You can always consult with a Mechanic such as Mobile Mechanics in Evanston to get more advice and maintenance tips.

Serpentine belt is a belt that turns all pulleys at once. For example, most Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks use the serpentine belt design. On a serpentine belt design, when the belt snaps, the vehicle loses all function. For example is no steering assist, no power, no air condition, and so on. Therefore, again the vehicle will come to a halt.

The best way to prevent disastrous repairs is to give attention your vehicle needs. The belt should be inspected for cracks, dryness, hardness, squealing noises and so on. When the belt is making a squealing noise, sometime it is difficult to differentiate whether the belt is faulty or the pulley is faulty. One way to check is to take water and put it on the belt while the engine is running. If the noise goes away, the belt is faulty, however if the squealing noise did not go away, one of the pulleys is faulty. An example is the power steering pump pulley, alternator pulley and so on. So remember, take care of your vehicle to prevent future problems or consult with a Mechanic near your location.

When the weather warms up and the days get longer, the open road seems to call your name. Whether you are going 3 hours away or are gearing up for a cross-country excursion, before you load up the trunk, you will need to make sure you car is ready for the road. Those who forgo a brief mechanical check over before taking to the highway are putting themselves at risk of being stranded. Here are a few preventative measures to take to ensure safe travels!

Check your oil

From the comfort of your driveway, check your oil levels and the date you’re due for an oil change. In your car manual, you will find a manufacturer-recommended oil change interval listed. If you are close to what’s listed, take your car in to be serviced. If you are traveling a long distance, pulling a trailer or traveling in hot weather, consider opting to use synthetic oil. This oil will give you extra protection against thermal breakdowns and it will also cut friction losses in the engine. Synthetic motor oil will also bump up your fuel economy, which will help you save money on a long trip.

Your transmission and drive axle both have their own lubricant supplies so those fluids will need to be checked, as well. Your owner’s manual will include a change interval listed for these too, and they are quite a bit longer than engine oil. Your local oil change shop will be able to handle the task of changing fluids.

Hoses and belts

The hoses in your car are regularly exposed to high temperatures, which is why they should be checked before getting on the road. If your hose were to get hard and crack, hot water will spurt out, and leave you in a world of trouble, far away from home. To avoid this catastrophe, look where the input and radiator hoses attach to the engine and radiator. Be sure to check your heater hoses as well, which run from the engine, into the firewall and back. If you spot any bulges or blisters, this is indicative of a weakness in the hose wall and they will need to be replaced.

Check your engine belts by turning them sideways so you can see the friction surface. If they are ragged or showing their fiber cords, then it’s time to get new ones. Also check to see if your belt is stretched or loose. An indicator of a loose belt is if you hear loud screeches when pulling away from a traffic light. A loose belt will need to be retensioned or it will fall off.


The last thing you want to do is be stranded on the side of the interstate trying to find someone to assist you in jumping the battery of your car. If your starter sounds off or slow, it is due to either corrosion or a dying battery. If your car’s battery is more than 2 years old, look to see if the terminals are corrosion-free and the positive and negative leads are on tight. If you spot any white, chalky stuff on the terminals, wipe it off with a wire cable brush.

Tire pressure

Tires are your immediate contact with the road, therefore they need to be thoroughly inspected. The recommended tire pressure for your car will be listed on the driver’s side door, in the glove compartment or on the door of your gas tank. You can check the tire pressure yourself with a gauge purchased at an auto parts store and add air at a nearby gas station.

Road trips are meant to be stress free and fun! Whether you are hitting the road with friends and family or traveling with the elderly, safety should be your number one priority. Take a moment to take care of you car and in return, your car will take care of you!

A great way to keep your car in good running shape is to check the fluids yourself. It’s an inexpensive and simple way to prevent engine wear or damage, and save money on auto repair. While checking the fluids in your car is a fairly straightforward process, it does require some knowledge. Here are seven fluids you should pay attention to keep your car running right:

  1. Oil

Your engine needs oil to keep the moving parts lubricated. To check the oil, take a look at under the hood, the dipstick in the oil tank should be close to the front of the engine, near you. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a cloth or towel, and then dip it all the way back into the oil tank. Pull it back out and see where the oil line is. There should be a notch in the dipstick to show you where a safe oil level should be. If it seems low, check the cap or your car manual for the type of oil you should use and then add some or schedule an oil change with Otobots.

  1. Radiator Fluid

The radiator is at the heart of your car’s cooling system. If you run low, you risk overheating in traffic and getting stranded on the side of the road. Check this fluid when your car has been driven, not when it’s cold. The contents of the radiator are pressurized, so never remove the cap when the engine is hot or running. You’ll likely find the radiator cap in the front and middle of the engine compartment. Open it carefully with a rag, and look into the radiator to see if you can see the coolant. If you can’t see it near the top, you’ll need to add more by yourself of contact our Mobile Mechanics in San Francisco,CA

  1. Washer Fluid

The windshield-washer fluid doesn’t keep your engine running, but it’s really helpful for making it easier for you to see while you’re driving. Checking the washer fluid is easy. Most cars have opaque washer fluid tanks with a label on the cap like “windshield” or “washer.” You should be able to see inside without removing the cap. Otherwise it should just twist off, since the fluid isn’t pressurized or dangerous. If you need more fluid, don’t just use soap and water. Get some washer fluid that’s formulated to handle bugs and road grime. If you’re completely out and in for a dirty drive, the window cleaner you use at home can work until you can get washer fluid.

  1. Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid keeps your transmission lubricated, which can prevent many expensive issues from developing. The other dipstick in your engine (not the oil one) is for your transmission fluid.  To check your Transmission fluid, Pull out the dipstick, with the gearshift in Neutral or Park and the parking brake on, let your engine run, Dip the tip of your index finger into the fluid on the dipstick and rub the fluid between your finger and the tip of your thumb. The transmission fluid on the dipstick should be pinkish and almost clear. If it looks or smells burnt or has particles in it, have our Mobile Mechanic in Oakland,CA drain and change the fluid.

  1. Air Conditioning Coolant

When the weather warms up, you’ll want to check the coolant (sometimes called refrigerant or Freon) level in your air conditioning system to make sure it’s ready to work. Checking this fluid can be a bit complicated, so our Mobile Mechanic in Daly City,CA can help with this complicated task. Before you begin, you’ll need to get the proper A.C. gauge and thermometer from an auto-parts store. If it turns out your coolant level is low, you can easily recharge the system with supplies from the auto parts store.

  1. Brake Fluid

To check your car’s brake fluid, you have to find the reservoir. Its location depends on the type of car you have. The brake fluid reservoir is usually near the back of the engine compartment. Clean off the outside before you open the tank, as any dirt in the fluid can be dangerous in your system. To open the reservoir, unscrew the cap or use a screwdriver to pry off a clamp that may be holding it in place. Look inside to see where the fluid level is. It should be within about a half-inch of the cap. If it isn’t, check your manual to see what kind of fluid you should add. Also check the color of the brake fluid—if it looks dark in color, you should have a mechanic replace it.

  1. Power Steering Fluid

A whining or squealing noise when the wheels turn can be an indication that the power steering fluid is low. Power steering fluid keeps your car’s power steering working by keeping it lubricated, adding power to your ability to control the car’s wheels. To check the power steering fluid, find the reservoir under the hood. It’s usually on the passenger side. Either way, it’s likely to be near the belts and the cap will probably say “steering” on it. Most cars have an opaque container, so you should be able to see the fluid level without opening the cap. Otherwise, before opening the cap, clean the area around it with a cloth so dirt doesn’t get into the system. Then, open the cap and use the dipstick the same way you would with the oil tank. If the fluid is low, you can easily add more yourself or reach out to our Mobile Mechanics in San Jose, CA. You may also want to check around the reservoir to make sure there isn’t a leak.

Keeping your vehicle in top condition is vital throughout the summer because when the weather is warmer, you’re more likely to take it out for a spin. The Mobile Mechanics in San Jose understand it can be a hassle to perform regular maintenance if you’re occupied, but here are a couple of easy care hints which will make your car healthy for the summer.

  • Check Tires: Preserving the appropriate tire pressure is vital; check your tire pressure once weekly. Heat will inflate tires more than normal. Clear sky and roads can motivate anybody to hit a drive for long on the weekend. But driving with under-inflated, over-inflated, worn out or misaligned tires isn’t safe at all. The standard tire pressure changes with changing temperature. Check your car’s user manual to learn about the right tire pressure or take your car to a nearby garage to let a tire specialist do the job for you. Track air pressure in your tires often to avoid damages. And also do not forget to check your spare tire if it is inflated properly and also in good condition.
  • Assess Hoses and Belts: These things are often checked when you go in for a tune-up, but it doesn’t mean you can’t check them periodically by yourself. Hoses and belts are critical to your engine, and any signs of damage, for example, cracks or fraying, should be taken care of immediately as prescribed by our Mobile Mechanics in Fremont.
  • Change Car Oil Consistently: Shifting your vehicle’s oil often will make your car last longer, and enhance engine performance. You must also frequently check your oil levels; Otobots Mobile Mechanics advocates you change your oil once a week when you gas up throughout summer time.
  • Change Air Filter: It’s an excellent idea to change your air filter once every season. Take a look under the hood; if your air filter is black and grimy, it’s time for a change. Having a clean air filter is crucial, particularly throughout the summer, as it influences the performance of your vehicle’s AC unit.
  • Preserving AC Unit:  Before summer comes, for those in Hayward,  have your air conditioner checked by reputable mobile mechanics in Hayward. There is a probability that you will make use of it more during the summer period than in the winter. Your air conditioner might not be working properly even if it is working at all. When you run your air conditioner at least once a week it will ensure all hoses and valves are working well.

Cleaning your car battery: Dead battery and jumpstarts are a regular sight throughout the winter days. The hot summer days even get more rigorous on a car battery. High temperature boosts the speed of chemical reaction in the battery that makes the battery overcharge. When a car battery overcharges, it may shorten the service life expectancy of your battery. Moreover, excessive heat also can cause the internal fluid of the battery evaporate. It is vital to consistently clean battery cables and terminals to ensure it works properly all year round. Ensure all battery connections are tight enough. Should you suspect the battery is overcharging or firing more quickly, for folks in Union City, you can visit your closest mobile mechanics in Union City to get your car battery fast fixed up.

Driving in summer without a well-chilled cabin is almost unthinkable (and even dangerous). Hence maintenance of your car air conditioner is very important. We know that after the long and hard winter, the last thing you are thinking about is the summer heat, but now is a good time to consider the possibility and functionality of your car air conditioning system.

We live in a busy world, so most people will not give their AC systems a thought until they fail to function properly. Even simple maintenance procedures such as cleaning and replacing the filters often go undone. The short-term effects of such oversight can be poor performance. The long-term effects, however, can be a significantly reduced life for air conditioning units.

An air conditioner is a very hard piece of equipment. It is designed to withstand all kinds of abuse and to keep running. This is very good in many ways, but it can lead to complacency about maintenance. Our Mobile mechanics in Fort Worth can perform maintenance on your air conditioning equipment.

An air conditioner loses up to 5% of its original productivity within a year of poor maintenance operation. The good news is that you can recover most of that loss of efficiency through regular maintenance. Studies show that with regular tuning a unit will maintain up to 95% of its initial efficiency.  Our Auto Repairs in Arlington, TX handles all these tunes ups and maintenance on your Car AC. An air conditioner properly maintains even doing a better job of dehumidifying your car.

The Importance of Car Air Conditioner Maintenance

Reduce expenses

Maintenance of air conditioning is synonymous with savings, since the cost of Auto Repair in Richardson can multiply by five or six the normal consumption of gasoline

Avoiding health problems

In addition, problems arising from poorly functioning air conditioners can affect health. Among the main problems can be named bronchitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis, since exposure to the air circulating in the car is done through the filters. When the filters are not clean, they serve as a housing for fungi and bacteria that greatly affect the human respiratory tract.

Goodbye to bad smells and sounds

During the season changes, the air conditioner may emit bad smells if it has not been properly maintained. It is also possible that, due to a lack of revisions, the equipment starts to emit sounds.

It is also suggested that a month before each season (before the beginning of the summer and before the beginning of the winter) should be requested for an economical air conditioning maintenance. The importance of maintenance and set-up of air conditioning equipment is a vital issue for the health of people who, too, can serve to avoid extra energy consumption and contribute to saving. And all this, with quite affordable prices. Better safe than sorry. Additional maintenance items should be left to trained professionals licensed for proper maintenance services.

Do not wait any longer, contact Otobots at 888-875-5170 or visit our website Otobots.com to start saving money today.

Some late-demonstrate top of the line autos has frameless windows that consequently wrench themselves open a quarter-inch or so as the entryways are opened. It happens so quick that you may not see it. The window opens quickly, clearing the seal before the entryway lock clears. It then closes consequently about a moment after the entryway hook locks. There are two points of interest to this. To start with, the marginally open window vents inside air, which can make entryways on firmly fixed autos trying to open by springing the entryway back open against pneumatic force. It likewise gives the maker a chance to utilize a boundlessly extraordinary style of a seal on the highest point of the window. The seal can all the more nearly look like a car entryway seal, with a little lip distending over the maximum point of the glass. This kind of seal won’t take a shot at frameless windows because the glass needs to explain the seal as it opens and closes. This type of seal permits less water and commotion interruption. The drawback is the rationale control module expected to accomplish this. Repairs will most likely need a processing plant shop manual and, conceivably, some expensive parts.

If your auto has control windows, all it takes is the touch of catch to give natural air access or keep the rain out. Be that as it may, now and again this element needs a little help to work as it ought to. The specialists of Mobile mechanics in Austin, say that if your auto’s energy windows are on the fritz, one of their talented experts can rectify the issue.

The initial phase in power window repair is determination. A professional needs to painstakingly sift through your auto’s electrical framework to figure out what’s creating the issue. A wiring outline might be utilized, and electronic testing hardware might be used to get the to the base of the problem.

At the point when an auto’s energy windows fall flat, regular guilty parties incorporate the switch, engine, and wiring. Some portion of the repair exertion may include the bright light on installation issues by investigating the auto’s energy and ground circuits. Toward the finish of this reality discovering mission, the expert will complete an analytic report and prescribe a way of activity on vehicle repair.

Now and again control window repair calls for finish substitution of maturing or used parts—the flawed segments are expelled, and new parts are introduced to get your windows running like new. Benefit regularly doesn’t take too long, and much of the time, you’ll have your auto come back to you in a few hours.

Sometimes, despite the fact that power windows haven’t totally quit working, they are ease back to open and close. In cases this way, it’s best to take the auto in for repair, since if you don’t, the issue will result in all likelihood decline.

Broken power windows are a real disaster, particularly on the off chance that they stall out down in hot or icy climate. In a couple of hours, you can investigate and settle your energy windows by taking after these means.

Another toll-stall, another mile- – or if nothing else it appears as though the tollbooths come each mile on this street, with a half mile of movement sitting its relaxed far up to the token creature. Inside a safe distance of the receptacle, you flip the power window switch with one hand while the contrary fingers a symbol, planning to whip it into the wicker bin similarly as you floor the throttle. All goes as arranged – with the exception of the window doesn’t move, the token skips over into your face, and you need to stick on the brakes, split the entryway and pitch a moment token underhanded to keep from getting a ticket as a toll dodger, all to the tune of horns booming from the autos behind you.

Luckily, control windows are one of the more stable frameworks on a late-demonstrate auto. Also, determination and repair are typically entirely direct.

With the number of auto centers that offer various services, it is important to consider the track record of the auto center and the expertise as well. It is advisable to choose the auto center which specializes in window repairs. Fortunately, some these centers are spread out in different parts of the United States, specifically in Austin, Texas. Also, there are some good Mechanics in Round Rock; Cedar Park auto mechanics too have good specialists when it comes to car window repairs. Thus, for all your car’s window fixing during this Spring, you can always visit any of the above-listed website and get a Free Quote and our Mechanics comes to you.

Otobots is a Mobile Mechanic service provider and we administer and repair autos at the client’s home. We offer on demand auto repair services at the helpful of the customer’s favored area. Check out services, coverage, and  reviews at www.otobots.com

After a long, chilly winter, odds are high that your vehicle is ready for some spring car maintenance. In the more prominent Houston area, Otobots is the go-to Mechanic for the majority of your Auto Repair needs, from normal maintenance and tune-ups to diagnosing an engine that isn’t running.

The following are some spring maintenance tips for your car:

Schedule an Oil Change

Experts suggest that you get a standard oil change for each 3,000 miles. On the off chances that your vehicle doesn’t have a digital alert, then have your car mechanic check your oil and schedule an oil change, if necessary. Changing your oil routinely keeps the engine healthy; ignoring it could bring about costly repairs after some time.

Car AC Repair and Maintenance

There’s nothing more regrettable than the breaking down of the air conditioner in the spring and summer. Regardless of the possibility that your AC is working, it could be less effective, so have your mechanic twofold check that it works like it ought to.

Check Under the Hood

Do an exhaustive check under your hood to ensure your car’s engine endured the winter without issues. In particular, check belts and hoses to guarantee the cool temperatures haven’t rendered them weak or intensely worn. Check your coolant to ensure it’s not very old – a vital factor for abstaining from overheating as temperatures slowly climb. On the off chances that you aren’t happy with playing out these checks on your own, contact a nearby mechanic. While you may get charged for 60 minutes of work, it’s superior to anything going into the spring with potential issues hiding under your hood.

Check Alignment and Suspension

Winter has been known for being harsh on roads, and that thusly can also be harsh on your vehicle. In the event that you get yourself every now and again navigating roads with gigantic potholes or rocks that have risen up out of the black-top, it could destroy your car’s alignment or harm suspension parts. Our recommendation: If you’ve taken your auto to a mechanic to check under the hood, request a speedy suspension and alignment check to ensure nothing is too far outside the manufacture’s specifications.

Check Your Tire Pressures

Tire pressure is particularly imperative in the spring. As air temperatures get cooler amid the winter, tire pressures decrease, which presumably made you top off your tires amid the winter months. Yet, as air gets hotter again in the spring, tire pressures can increase. In the event that the pressure increases past your maker’s specification (because you added air amid the winter), it can genuinely influence your car’s drivability and fuel economy. This is a critical piece of car care, so in the event that you don’t feel good checking your car’s tire pressure without anyone’s support, consult with our Mechanics – which will normally perform the check requiring little to no price.

Review Your Wiper Blades

As spring begins and temperatures warm up, check your wiper blades for any indications of cracking or wear. The wiper itself could wear drastically over the winter because of ice development or other issues on your wind-shield. In many parts of the nation, you’ll require those wipers for spring rains, so make sure they’re great in working after winter goes back and forth.

Where To Get A Mobile Mechanics Services in Houston, Pearland Or Sugar Land

Skip the traditional Auto Repair Shops. Otobots is the pioneer when it comes to providing professional Mobile Auto Repair services all over Houston metropolitan area.

Our Mobile Mechanics in Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land and many other suburbs are ready to perform spring maintenance on your car. Regardless of whether you want to schedule a consistent maintenance appointment, oil change, brakes, or any repairs due to harm or breakdown, look no further! Our best in class mobile repair service conveys the most recent automotive technology with brilliant customer service.

At Otobots, we’ve built up effective reputation for expert auto repair through quality years of genuine service. We are a completely authorized and certified company with our Mechanics strategically located in Los Angeles. We additionally give on-demand service and emergency after-hours service, weekends and holidays.

Our Mobile Mechanic services are accessible all through Los Angeles region and in addition  Mechanics in Irvine, Santa Monica and many other neighborhood cities. Regardless of whether you want to schedule a consistent maintenance appointment, oil change, brakes, or any repairs due to harm or breakdown, look no further! Our best in class mobile service conveys the most recent automotive technology with brilliant customer service.


  • We service majority of makes and models of cars; we deal almost every days of the year.
  • Our main priority at Otobots is Customer Service and satisfaction.
  • We come to you.


Advance Rating For Servicing

Numerous Mobile Mechanics in Santa Monica have plugged rates which include the comfort of them coming to you. This might be for standard utilities like grease, engine oil changes and security checks out. Direct pricing forefends awful amazements from those that don’t work in this way, just giving way a bill once bit of work is performed. On the off chances that you are happy with the qualities given, the mobile mechanic can come to your doorway, giving you nothing to worry about–this is where Otobots comes in.

Guaranteed Servicing

About every new car and some used autos accompany some kind of warrantee, either from the vehicle creator, or from the car franchise where you purchased your vehicle. As a feature of the warrantee condition, the mobile mechanics company is expected to check if the vehicle has regular service. While those that sold you the vehicle would most ideally like you to have your serving done with them, this for the most part can’t be forced under consumer law authorized by an administrative body.

This opens the user to additional options, kind of being pushed to utilize the franchise or car maker, who might hope to charge above market cost. There might be dependable necessities to save the car warrantee, for example, utilizing real spare parts. Check if your mobile auto workman endorses on these guidelines, and protect yourself the trouble of chauffeuring for your next service.

You can rely on Otobots for these guidelines on warranty.


When you require the services of a workshop, a large portion of the circumstances, you have to make an appointment few days before your booking would permit dropping the vehicle for servicing. It can be days before you’d get your vehicle since they’d do all of the services required by your car whether you want them to around then or not. This is particularly badly designed on the off chance that you don’t have more than one car/vehicle. Mobile mechanic service by Otobots is practically instantaneous. You simply need to call us and we’ll get to your place as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.


Not everyone is a pro-racer, or possibly not what you’d call a good driver. Some people are not all that positive about their driving skills and that could demonstrate to be a deadly blemish amid bad weathers like overwhelming downpours or snow. Attempting to get your car to a traditional workshop amid one of these conditions could conceivably risk your life in case you’re bad at dealing with slippery roads. Be that as it may, mobile mechanics services provided by Otobots react to customer’s needs at the briefest time regardless of the condition. You don’t have to brave the wet roads and you don’t have to pay additional for towing services.

Reasonable And Transparent Pricing

We offer reasonable and straightforward pricing and give estimates forthright to many services on a large number of cars. Book our services with certainty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work only deals with high rated mechanics.

All services are sponsored by our 12-month/12,000-mile guarantee.

We Make It Easy

Get a quote and book a service online anytime you like. Our mechanics will come to your home or office, even on night times and weekends.
We look forward to delivering just the best Mobile mechanics in Los Angeles, Irvine and Santa Monica.

Many people in Illinois store their summer vehicles in sheds or garages all winter. This may include RVs, convertibles, and/or large trucks for towing boats and jet skis. Spring maintenance is the time to dust off your vehicles and get them checked head to toe before embarking on your summertime adventures.

Before Storage

Spring maintenanceThere are some steps you should take before putting a vehicle into storage for months on end to help keep it viable. First, you want to clean and wash the vehicle top to bottom, inside and out. Leaving dirt to accumulate can damage your car’s paint, and a dirty interior could tempt insects and other pests to invade your vehicle. Also, make it a point to clean the underside of your car. Any dirt or stuck debris could retain moisture and cause rust.

If you’re going to store the car for longer than 30 days, fill the gas tank before putting it in storage and consider adding a fuel stabilizer. If you’re not going to use the car for several months, a fuel stabilizer helps prevent the engine and fuel lines from corroding. After filling the tank, check your other fluid levels (transmission, power steering, coolant, and wiper fluid) and top them off as necessary. While your vehicle is in storage, you can remove the battery or keep it in the vehicle, but you may want to add a battery tender with a float mode or automatic shut-off feature. These help keep your battery functional without overcharging it.

Next, fill your tires will air to the maximum inflation range but don’t exceed it. As your car sits in storage, temperature changes can cause the tires to lose pressure and filling them will make sure the vehicle is driveable once you’re ready to take it out of storage. You may also want to invest in a secure, close-fitting vehicle cover. For added protection, place steel wool in your exhaust pipe and air intake to deter small animals from making homes inside.

Spring Maintenance

Spring maintenanceOnce it’s time to hit the road, make sure you undo all the storage preparations you did and give your car a thorough inspection. Check for any signs of damage, such as chewed hoses and wires from animals or other pests. Next, make sure your tires are still full to an acceptable PSI. Finally, before starting the vehicle, check your battery for any signs of corrosion and double-check your fluid levels for any signs of leakage. Once you take your vehicle on the road, you should notice any issues you may have overlooked, and if you do, take the car to an auto shop as soon as possible.

While this may seem like a lot of work, it’s important to store your car safely so you can rely on it once you’re ready to take it out of storage and save on spring maintenance work. You can also call Otobots mobile mechanics to help with your springtime vehicle maintenance and for a professional eye to check for any issues you may have missed.

Meet some of our Certified Technicians

We take pride in our excellent service and all the features of Otobots that make our name the ideal service for many.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.


We take pride in our excellent service and all the features of Otobots that make our name the ideal service for many.

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