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With the change in seasons, the car gets affected and needs some measures to be taken to help it function smoothly. Different weather causes the car to require different things to keep it functioning smoothly without any issues. There are some parts which get heavily affected during the different weather condition like the tires and batteries. Here are some tips to ensure that the car keeps up with the changing seasons.

The first and most important thing to do before or after a season ends is to get it serviced. The car requires to be in best shape to face the next season coming up. In summer, the car is exposed to extreme heat and requires to be cooled down better. During winter, the battery gets worn out due to the cold weather and requires the being driven to charge it. The weather also affects the fluids in the car as their properties might not suit the extreme weather conditions. Being prepared is better than having to face problems and suffering breakdowns at the roadside. Professional mechanics suggest getting the car serviced before the seasons arrive to find out any issues in the car and resolve them before it gets worse.

Making Changes According To Seasons
There are many changes that need to be done when a new season is coming up. First and most important one is getting the engine oil changed. The engine requires to be in top shape for the coming conditions. Secondly, get the right set of tires for the weather condition. For example, in Chicago, the winters are really extreme and requires winter tires to get the required grip to apply the brake on the icy and slippery roads. In summer, the coolant and fluids need to be checked and refilled as they evaporate faster. The brakes and rotors also get affected more during summer due to the excessive heat conditions. Always keep an emergency kit and spare tires in the car to be ready for any situation that may befall you. The car needs to be kept in the garage during the summer to prevent the paint from fading. While in winter, it needs to be started every day to keep the battery charged. Keep the jumper cables in the car during all seasons. Also, check the tread wear of the car before the seasons to know how long they will last. All the necessary fluids like brake fluid, coolant, engine oil need to be checked, replaced, and refilled as required.

These are the basic things that need to be done before the season changes to keep the car prepared and ensure the parts don’t get harmed or wear out. To get the services done, hire a mobile mechanic near you or get the car to a local auto repair shop.

Getting a tune-up is really important for a car. It helps get the car in top condition again and helps diagnose any ongoing issues or new problems that may arise. A tune-up needs to be done every two years to check the car’s all-around performance and identify the things that can be optimized or enhanced. Here are some important things that get done during a tune-up.

Vehicle Inspection
Multiple important inspections are done when the car gets a tune-up. The battery voltage is checked to identify the voltage level and other problems such as leaks and lose contacts that could affect the car. The engine vacuum gets checked to ensure there are no leaks in the exhaust and the fuel control loop to confirm the system warms up the engine. With all cars getting computerized, it becomes necessary to check for fault codes to find out threats that need to be eliminated. The exhaust emissions need to be checked to confirm the vehicle’s ability to meet clean air standards. Tune-up also includes checking the idle speed, the idle mixture to make sure the injectors are working fine. The ignition timing is also checked to adjust it if a problem is detected due to sensors.

Important Parts Replacement
There are some important parts that need to be changed during the tune-up to enhance the performance to the maximum level. The spark plugs need to be changed as they develop and can’t provide the high voltage required. The rotor needs to be changed to ensure that the brake pads last longer and the braking system functions smoothly. The fuel filter needs to be changed along with the air filter, belts, and hoses, fluids, wires etc.

Performance Enhancement
All the above inspections and replacements help in ensuring that the performance is enhanced. The car gets the major replacements required and the checks to find out the performance issues that have arised over the time. The car is then optimized to its full potential to provide the best performance possible. Getting the tune-up helps keep the car in top-notch condition and ensures that the lifespan of the engine and other parts increases. It also prevents the car from facing unnecessary problems due to negligence. It helps improve the fuel economy, power of acceleration, battery life, and many other major things. With exceptional performance, it also makes sure that the car safety while driving is ensured.

Always get a tune-up done at an auto repair shop that has professionally trained and certified mechanics or hire a mobile mechanic to get the tune-up done. It is a really important auto maintenance that shouldn’t be avoided and done regularly.

Tire Checks
It is really important to get the tire pressure checked every time you get the gas refilled. Tires need to be kept inflated in order for them to last longer. If the tire pressure is low the chances of flat tire increases. Tire checks also include getting the tread of the tire checked by a professional mechanic. Tread helps to understand the condition of the tire and the road grip it can provide. They also need to be rotated every 8 to 12 months to keep the wear and tear even and last longer. Getting them aligned is also necessary every time you get the tires rotated or replaced. All local auto shops provide tire replacement and checking services.

Driving Conditions
This is another factor that affects the tires most as the tires get affected due to the weather changes as well as the types of roads they are being driven on. The tires suffer due to the rough roads with puddles. They also get affected when the conditions are extremely hot or cold. During the summer, the tires can wear out quickly or go flat due to the amount of heat they take. In winter, the tires lose their grip and can wear out quickly due to brakes being pressed hardly or skidding often. The mechanics suggest to have two sets of tires for summer and winter or try the all-season tires for the weather conditions and driving conditions in the area are not extreme.

Driving Style
The driving style of a car owner also affects the tire’s lifespan in a huge way. If the car is driven smoothly, the gears are changed accordingly and brakes are applied as required, the tires will sure last longer. But if the car is driven roughly and high speed, the brakes need to be applied often resulting in more wear and tear to the tires. It also affects the brake pads and rotors which if get worn out, would also affect the tires.

Seasonal Tire Requirements
Another major reason for tire replacement and flat tires is the season requirements. If you don’t use the right tire for the right season, it will wear out or result in a flat tire. There are basically two major seasons that affect the tire and driving which are summer and winter. In summer, you can use the regular tires and all season tires. In winter, you require winter tires which are specially designed to gain a better grip on the slippery icy roads. Without the use of right tires, there will be a lot of problems such as problem while braking.

It is suggested by professional mechanics to use the right tires for the right seasons to get the best and safe driving experience.

The battery is one of the most important parts of the car. It is what helps power the various parts of the car and the accessories. The battery needs to be changed every 3 to 5 years depending upon the usage and the weather conditions. There are other factors involved as well such as wearing out due to other parts, leakage etc. The battery powers the car and is responsible for the ignition. If the battery is weak or worn out, the car won’t start easily. A battery has to be fully charged for the car to start in the first cell. It is also responsible for powering the vehicle lights and interior accessories of the car. If a car is kept idle the battery will wear out eventually. The car needs to be driven to keep the battery charged and it gets affected the most in the winter season. It is necessary to keep the battery charged and the contacts clean to ensure it lasts for the given period.

Ignition Coil
The ignition coil is what helps convert the low voltage electricity into high voltage electricity required to ignite the air-fuel mixture. The number of the coil varies in different types of engine. Some of the engines have a single coil, while others have multiple depending on the number of cylinders. Without the ignition coil, the car won’t be able to get the spark required to start the car. If the ignition coil is not replaced when worn out, the car will suffer a lot. The fuel economy would get affected, there would be a loss of acceleration, and the repairing it would cost a lot. The professional mechanics suggest you get it replaced on time as it is located under the engine and can only be removed by disassembling the engine. If the coil gets damaged and harms other parts, it can result in requiring a complete engine rebuild.

Spark Plugs
Due to the functions that the spark plugs perform, it tends to get eroded due to the spark that jumps between the electrodes. It causes the gap between the electrodes to grow over time and it keeps increasing with time until the spark plug cannot bridge the gap. It will affect the car in many ways such as the mileage will get affected, acceleration power will reduce, the engine would misfire, and the check engine light will pop-up. It is really important to get the spark plug checked every time you get the car serviced and changed every 2 years or whenever you decide to get a tune-up. Spark plugs can be replaced at any local auto repair shop.

These are the different types of important ignition system parts which need to be replaced with time to ensure smooth starts. More any ignition system problems, you can visit a local auto shop or hire a mobile mechanics to get it diagnosed at home or office.

Issue With Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is placed between the fuel injectors and fuel pump. Its main function is to filter the fuel from any impurities and make sure clean fuel enters the engine. It prevents contaminants from entering the engine and harming it. If the fuel filter is worn out or malfunctioned, it could damage the engine and affect the mileage as well as reduce the acceleration of the car. A clogged fuel filter needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Issue With Air Filter
The air filter cleans the air entering the engine and prevents dust particles from entering in it. The combustion chamber of the engine which mixes the fuel and the air to run the vehicle is depended on the air filter to prevent the debris, dust particles and other contaminants from entering it. If the air filter is not working properly, the engine would get damaged which is why the mechanics suggest checking the air filter every couple of months. If the air filter gets clogged, it can limit the air flowing to the combustion chamber which would affect the functioning of the car. The engine won’t be able to generate enough power which would result in loss of acceleration.

Issue With Exhaust
There are two filters in the exhaust that make sure to cut down the pollution generated from the gasses exhaled by the car which are muffler and the catalyst converter. The catalyst plays the major role in cutting down pollution while the muffler decreases the noise made by the car. If the exhaust pipe or the filters get clogged, it would affect the functioning of the engine and reduce the power being generated. There will be a loss of acceleration in the car.

Issue With Injectors
The fuel injector is a really important component of a car’s engine. It is located near of the fuel system and does the job of spraying fuel inside the engine. The engine’s computer is what controls the fuel injector and at regular time intervals, the injectors do the job of spraying fuel into the car’s engine. It helps the engine perform better and gives a better driving experience in any condition. If the fuel injector malfunctions or gets damaged due to some reason, the engine would suffer a lot and the power of the vehicle will get affected immensely. Not just the loss of acceleration but if fuel injector malfunctions, it can cause numerous problems to the car.

Issue With Fuel Pump
The fuel pump is what pumps the fuel to the engine. Its main responsibility is to transfer the fuel from the tank to the engine. It also ensures that the fuel is delivered at the right pressure to meet the demands of the car to deliver optimum performance. If the fuel pump gets damaged or malfunctions it would result in acceleration problems and cause severe performance issues. Plus, the fuel pump repair and replaced are really costly repairs that can cost a lot to be done.

To get this problem resolved, you can get the car diagnosed and repaired at an auto repair shop near you or buying calling a mobile mechanic near you that would come to your home or office to provide the service at your convenience.

The transmission system is what helps the car go faster and slower by changing gears according to the requirements. There are many reasons that can lead to transmission failures and there are symptoms that help you to recognise it. Here are some of the different reasons that lead to the transmission failure.

Transmission Fluid
The basic requirement when not fulfilled will result in transmission failure. It is the most common reason for it as the transmission fluid is what helps run the transmission system and if it is low or completely out, it will result in complete failure.

Clutch Problems
When the gears are shifted at high speeds or at irregular speeds, it will harm the transmission system. There are speeds at which it is suggested by mechanics to shift the gears which if not done correctly harms the system. It is not that big of a problem with the automatic cars as they shift the gears automatically. It is suggested to shift gears properly to ensure the gearbox and the transmission system can last long.

Worn Out Gears
Whether the car is automatic or manual, if the transmission fluid is low, it will result in transmission failure and worn out the gears faster. It is suggested by professional mechanics to check the transmission fluid every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. It will help keep the gears and the whole system functioning smoothly and will also help improve their lifespan.

Torque Issues
The torque converter is another reason for transmission failure. When a driver revs the engine and then goes off immediately, it creates a lot of heat that affects the torque converter. It harms the converter as well as the transmission system immensely. It can jam the system and result in complete failure or reduce the lifespan of the parts immensely.

Rough Driving
When the car is driven roughly and brakes are pressed often, the gears need to be changed frequently as well. It harms all the parts of the car in general but harms the transmission system and the braking system the most. The sudden shift of gears creates problems as sometimes when the car is slowed down suddenly, the gears need to be changed in inappropriate order to get on with it. If the car is driven rashly the transmission system will fail sooner or later depending on with wears out first.

If any symptoms are noted, get the car diagnosed to avoid a breakdown. The car cannot function if the transmission system fails. It is suggested by mechanics to get it checked by professional mechanics only. Search on the internet for mechanics near me to hire mobile mechanics or ask friends and family for the suggestion about a local auto repair shop near you.

The head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder head. All the modern cars have head gasket made especially for them varying in thickness and size according to the requirements of the car. The importance of this part is that it seals the combustion chamber and allows the car to create proper compression and contain the exhaust gases. It helps to maintain the efficiency of the engine. It also does the job of keeping the coolant and engine oil out of the combustion chamber.

Head gasket needs to be maintained well since it is an expensive repair to get done and can cause some serious damage to the car if you continue driving after worn out. It can eventually lead to a complete failure.

The head gasket has to deal with extremely high temperature and high-pressure gasses. Due to the different types of temperatures it faces and area it covers within the engine through tubes, it can start leaking after a while. As the head gasket seals the coolant pipes and combustion chamber, it cannot be seen easily. It can only be seen if the engine is removed and then diagnosed for problems which makes it really complex. It also means that a leak cannot be seen by visual inspection.

If the coolant starts leaking from under the exhaust manifold, it is a symptom of a blown head gasket. It should be diagnosed immediately by taking the car to an auto shop near you as it is not easy to spot the exact location of the leakage and requires proper tools like UV light to get it done.

When the head gasket suffers from leaks, the coolant usually flows into the combustion chamber on intake stokes which leads to the coolant evaporating and leads to white smoke coming from the exhaust. The amount of smoke depends on the size of leakage from the head gasket.

When there is a leakage from the gasket, the internal head gasket leak allows the exhaust gasses to get into the coolant which causes bubbles to be formed in the radiator making it seem like it is boiling even though it is not.

If the head gasket is blown, the engine will overheat after long drives. It happens due to the lack of coolant and combustion process. The radiator is not able to cool the engine anymore which causes it to heat up. When the engine overheats, it can cause a lot of problems and lead to expensive repairs. It can permanently harm the engine and might result in complete engine failure requiring it to be rebuilt or replaced.

Since repairing the head gasket is really expensive, it is better to maintain it and take preventive measures to avoid it.

To reduce the chances of getting the head gasket blown, get the combustion chamber pressure as low as it can. If the vehicle is turbo-charged, make sure the boost level is set to factory setting to keep the pressure in check. Make sure that the engine doesn’t get knocking from advance timing or carbon buildup. Also, maintaining the RPM will help in reducing the heat on the head gasket. It is suggested by mechanics to drive at low RPM.

To get the head gasket diagnosed you can take the car to an auto repair shop in your locality or hire a mobile mechanic near you to get the service done at you home or office reducing the risk for further harm.

The service records are not always available for all used cars, but if it is available it helps you to know whether the vehicle was maintained regularly or not. It lets you know about the mileage and how frequently the oil changes were done. Once you get to know about the oil change records, it becomes easier for you to know the condition of the engine. If the oil changes were not done on time means that the engine would be worn out. Another thing that the records can help you out with is the timing belt. If the timing belt was replaced, it is good for the car. If not, it cost you a good amount of money. Timing belts are usually changed between 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

Check the car from inside-out for all things necessary before purchasing the used car. This includes checking for leakages, corrosion, burnt oil smell, engine oil level, coolant level etc. This would help understand how the previous owner has maintained the car and you can get most of the idea about the true condition of the car. If you find any of these signs, it is probably not a good idea to purchase that car.

This is a really important thing to check before purchasing a used car. If the used car has been modified, there are chances it is either for the good of the car or to use it for racing or enhance the power. But if it is the latter case, it would mean that the car would face many problems. Plus, there would be a problem in finding the parts for the car.

When you start the car for a test drive or just to check, make sure all the warning lights turn off after the car is started. If the check engine light is one about the car is started, it means that there is something wrong with the car related to engine or the engine itself. It could be anything a minor problem or something major that can cost a large amount of money.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the car and want to get a professional opinion, hire a local mechanic or a mobile mechanic near you to get the used car inspection done. The used car inspection is really important as you spend your hard earned money hoping that the car would last for a couple of years without causing any major problems that can cost a lot of money. It is best to get a professional opinion about the car before making the purchase.

Fuel performs a major function that helps run the car and it is an integral part of the engine. Here’s explaining the importance and reasons of why the fuel pump is so important and so expensive.

The fuel pump is known to generate constant flow of fuel that reaches the engine. The fuel which is not used is returned back to the tank. The fuel pump reduces the chances of the fuel getting too hot by making sure it is not close to the hot engine for a long time. The fuel pump can be located in the tank or externally. The modern electric fuel pumps can be found inside the fuel tank which is better as it reduces the risk of fire greatly. The electrical components like the fuel-pump can catch fire easily as they can spark and ignite fuel vapours which is why the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. As the fuel pump is submerged in fuel it can cool the fuel and make sure that it doesn’t overheat. To make sure that the electric fuel pump lasts longer it is important to maintain quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle.

The fuel pump has two purposes mainly which are to generate pressure and volume. The pressure that the fuel pump generates and delivers from the pump along with the volume of fuel must be enough to ensure the performance and emission of the car. The pump does the process of creating pressure and drawing the fuel from the tank which then passes through the fuel lines and fuel filter and are delivered to the fuel injectors at the engine. Then the fuel gets delivered to the cylinder combustion chamber and is ignited.

The fuel pump is really expensive as it is a really important part of the fuel system which performs major functions and is hard to remove and replace. Plus, it is the type of part that can get damaged due to various reasons such as metal bits in the fuel, water in the fuel lines, and poor quality fuel. The cost fuel pump repair varies on the type of damage it has suffered, the engine it supports, and the car. The fuel pumps generally costs are $800 to $2000. Also, the labor charges are really high on such repairs as they are complex auto repairs for the mechanics.

The fuel pump replacement can be done at any local auto repair shop by a mechanic near you or by mobile mechanics near you.

The coolant is really important for the car. It helps to cool down the engine and prevents it from getting overheated. The function of the coolant is to help heat the dispel and cool the engine. It is added to a radiator in along with water in a mixed proportion which helps prevent the water from freezing or boiling at extreme temperatures. The heat generated by the engine is unbearable and the cooling system is depended on the coolant water to cool down the engine when it gets extreme.

The coolant is water and antifreeze mixture which is put in the radiator of a car to cool the engine and parts of the engine. It is highly suggested by the professional mechanics to add them in a 50/50 proportion. If you add more antifreeze to the mixture, it can increase the boiling point and decrease the freezing point. To add them in equal proportion is best as it is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and other issues that the engine can face.

If the coolant is not present or the level of coolant has decreased, the heat generated by the internal combustion would destroy the engine in a matter of time. The water alone is not enough to keep the temperature under control. The coolant is what makes sure the engine is cool at all temperature levels. Plus, the coolant ensures that there is no corrosion in the internal parts of the engine. It usually requires to be changed at every 30,000 miles and whenever it decreases, you need to add water to it to refill it.

The engine is made of metal and can get corrosion which makes the coolant lose its ability to cool down the engine easily. After a couple of years, when you add coolant to the car and it doesn’t look green and turns orange or red means that the car is in dire requirement of a coolant flush. It is also a sign that there are rust and dust at the bottom of the radiator. This would prevent the coolant from working efficiently and providing the best performance. But if there is a mineral deposit, metal erosion, and gunk buildup in the radiator, it would block it and harm the system’s functioning. It would then result in the engine getting hot and affect the performance of several parts of the car as well as damaged them.

Getting the radiator flushed helps removes all the mineral deposit, metal erosion, gunk from the radiator and also prevents corrosion in the engine. The coolant needs to be flush at an interval of 2 years or 30,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer. The coolant should be flushed and all the parts which are related should be replaced accordingly to keep the car functioning smoothly and to prevent the contamination. To get the radiator coolant flushed, you can visit a local auto repair shop and get the service done by a local mechanic near you or hire a mobile mechanic near you to get professional and quick quality service at your home or office wherever you prefer.

The alternator and starter along with the battery make a charging system which helps start the car and power various parts of the car. Each has its own importance in the charging system making the all-important for the functioning of the car. As these different components are functioning together, it is hard to tell which of it is might be having a problem. Here’s explaining the importance of alternator and starter and how to know if they are malfunctioning and need replacement.

The Alternator
The importance of alternator can be known by the fact that even if all the other components are functioning except the alternator, the battery will lose charge as the alternator won’t be able to keep it charged. If the alternator doesn’t work, it can cause many problems. There are even signs that help indicate it such as growling sound when the alternator is about to fail. When the alternator overheats, it can burn the rubber and hot wires which you would be able to smell. Another sign is when the lights of the dashboard and headlights flicker and get dim. Sometimes the gauges can act differently as well when the alternator has malfunctioned. Another major sign is when you try to jump-start the car, but it starts and dies quickly. This is the sign indicating that the alternator has failed. If you are unsure about the problem, consult a mechanic near you at a local auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanic.

The Starter
The starter’s main function is to start the engine. The starter gets the electricity sent to it by the battery which helps start the car. The starter then takes the power and uses it to turn the engine over. If the starter doesn’t function properly, it can cause many problems just like the alternator. When you turn the key, there would be a clicking sound. Another sign or problem is that the engine won’t start, but the dashboard light would remain still. Also, even when you try to jump start the car it won’t turn the engine on.

Both parts; alternator and starter are equally important in having their own significance. If anyone of these parts is not working, it would directly affect the other as well. These two parts need to be maintained and replaced accordingly. The mobile mechanics near you will help you diagnose and replace these parts.

An air filter is a part of the car which delivers clean air to the engine. An air filter delivers around 10,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of gas that the car burns. When the outside air flows through it to enter the engine, it gets filled with dust and debris which causes it to get clogged. When the air filter gets clogged, less air reaches the engine which can cause performance issues and other problems to the car. So it is important to get the air filter replacement done on time. If you don’t the air filter replaced on time, it would result in many problems such as a decrease in mileage, spark plug problems, car starting problems, reduce acceleration power, check engine light will pop-up and the color of the air filter will change. A new air filter is generally white or off-white. It is suggested by mechanics to keep the engine in good condition for a longer period of time, it is necessary to get the air filter replaced on time. To know when to get it replaced, you can check the owner’s manual or consult a professional mechanic near you.

The oil filter is a necessary component of the car which does the job of keeping the oil then enters the engine clean. The oil does a lot of work when the car functions and keeps the parts of the engine from forming carbon and makes sure that the engine doesn’t heat up. The oil keeps the parts of an engine lubricated to make sure you get the best performance and the filter makes sure that the oil is in great condition to ensure that it happens. The oil filter in a way refines the oil and prevents it from contaminating and damaging the engine of the car. Oil filter change intervals are mentioned in the owner’s manual according to the car’s requirement and it is not necessary to get it changed along with the engine oil.

The cabin air filter performs the really important function of cleaning the air entering the vehicle cabin clean. It can be located in various places like the glove compartment, dashboard or under the hood. It does the job of filtering the air then enters the car and prevents things such as dust, pollen, smog and mold spores from entering the cabin. It also prevents the leaves and debris from entering and forming. It helps improve the air quality and prevents major problems from happening. It is necessary to replace the cabin air filter on time and it should be changed every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. It depends on the car and you should always prefer checking the owner’s manual to know such things.

The fuel filter performs the function of filtering the fuel as it reaches from the tank to the engine. It prevents the dirt, dust, rust and other contaminants from settling down at the bottom of the fuel tank. The function of the fuel filter gets harder to perform as the car gets older it can have sediment buildup. This can cause the filter to get clogged and might require you to get it replaced often. The fuel filter is clogged can cause many major problems and affect parts like fuel pump, engine, reduce fuel efficiency, performance and much more. Hence, it is necessary to get the fuel filter replacement done on time.

These are the different types of filters that perform important functions in the car and require to be maintained and replaced on regular intervals. It is also necessary to get them replaced by professional mechanics near you. You can also hire a mobile mechanic near you to get the service at home or office.

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We take pride in our excellent service and all the features of Otobots that make our name the ideal service for many.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.

Slim Fit Chinos

  • Year of Experience: 10
  • Our hiring process for mechanics is extensive and through so you are not left with any unprofessional service.


We take pride in our excellent service and all the features of Otobots that make our name the ideal service for many.

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