Fuel Pump Diagnosis and Replacement Service

Fuel Pump Diagnosis and Replacement Service

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Why Perform a Fuel Pump Diagnosis Every 45,000 Miles?

Your engine needs gas to run, period. There is a common misconception that gas is stored in the engine; it’s not. The gas is stored in the gas tank. When the engine needs more fuel, the fuel pump is responsible for pumping the gas from the tank to the engine, where it is used to power the vehicle. As the fuel pump deteriorates, it will be less and less efficient at pumping gas to the engine, and your vehicle will have a harder time running. When the fuel pump completely dies, it will be unable to pump gas to your engine, and your car won’t run.

A failing fuel pump will not create enough pressure in the fuel system, potentially resulting in a loss of engine power or a “no start” condition. You may also have a lean running condition that can set a diagnostic trouble code and turn on the check engine light.

Fuel pumps require replacement if they leak or begin making too much noise, which is a sign of malfunction.
A clogged fuel filter or problems with the electrical system powering the fuel pump can result in symptoms similar to a failed fuel pump. Have your Otobots mechanic verify that the pump is the problem before replacing.

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Why the fuel pump is crucial for your car?

Our certified auto repair mechanics will consider the make, model, condition, and mileage of your car before recommending the necessary fuel pump replacement. We offer select fuel pump services that are recommended based on your car’s individual needs. All fuel-pump related services include a complimentary inspection and visual brake check.

Still not sure if your vehicle’s fuel pump needs servicing? Read our FAQ’s:


A: It could be both. We recommend scheduling an appointment at your earliest convenience so a certified Otobots technician can perform his/her tests to determine the cause of the problem.


A: They could be checking for the wrong problem(s). We perform a complete diagnostic so you don’t have to worry about another mechanic appointment.


A: There are, but those methods are pretty expensive, especially if your only testing once or twice. Let one of our certified Otobots mechanics properly test your vehicle’s various systems for any issues.

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