How Otobots delivering Mobile Mechanic services to alleviate Auto Repair Hassles in Los Angeles Area, and making the lives more convenient.

How Otobots delivering Mobile Mechanic services to alleviate Auto Repair Hassles in Los Angeles Area, and making the lives more convenient.

At Otobots, we’ve built up effective reputation for expert auto repair through quality years of genuine service. We are a completely authorized and certified company with our Mechanics strategically located in Los Angeles. We additionally give on-demand service and emergency after-hours service, weekends and holidays.

Our Mobile Mechanic services are accessible all through Los Angeles region and in addition  Mechanics in Irvine, Santa Monica and many other neighborhood cities. Regardless of whether you want to schedule a consistent maintenance appointment, oil change, brakes, or any repairs due to harm or breakdown, look no further! Our best in class mobile service conveys the most recent automotive technology with brilliant customer service.


  • We service majority of makes and models of cars; we deal almost every days of the year.
  • Our main priority at Otobots is Customer Service and satisfaction.
  • We come to you.


Advance Rating For Servicing

Numerous Mobile Mechanics in Santa Monica have plugged rates which include the comfort of them coming to you. This might be for standard utilities like grease, engine oil changes and security checks out. Direct pricing forefends awful amazements from those that don’t work in this way, just giving way a bill once bit of work is performed. On the off chances that you are happy with the qualities given, the mobile mechanic can come to your doorway, giving you nothing to worry about–this is where Otobots comes in.

Guaranteed Servicing

About every new car and some used autos accompany some kind of warrantee, either from the vehicle creator, or from the car franchise where you purchased your vehicle. As a feature of the warrantee condition, the mobile mechanics company is expected to check if the vehicle has regular service. While those that sold you the vehicle would most ideally like you to have your serving done with them, this for the most part can’t be forced under consumer law authorized by an administrative body.

This opens the user to additional options, kind of being pushed to utilize the franchise or car maker, who might hope to charge above market cost. There might be dependable necessities to save the car warrantee, for example, utilizing real spare parts. Check if your mobile auto workman endorses on these guidelines, and protect yourself the trouble of chauffeuring for your next service.

You can rely on Otobots for these guidelines on warranty.


When you require the services of a workshop, a large portion of the circumstances, you have to make an appointment few days before your booking would permit dropping the vehicle for servicing. It can be days before you’d get your vehicle since they’d do all of the services required by your car whether you want them to around then or not. This is particularly badly designed on the off chance that you don’t have more than one car/vehicle. Mobile mechanic service by Otobots is practically instantaneous. You simply need to call us and we’ll get to your place as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.


Not everyone is a pro-racer, or possibly not what you’d call a good driver. Some people are not all that positive about their driving skills and that could demonstrate to be a deadly blemish amid bad weathers like overwhelming downpours or snow. Attempting to get your car to a traditional workshop amid one of these conditions could conceivably risk your life in case you’re bad at dealing with slippery roads. Be that as it may, mobile mechanics services provided by Otobots react to customer’s needs at the briefest time regardless of the condition. You don’t have to brave the wet roads and you don’t have to pay additional for towing services.

Reasonable And Transparent Pricing

We offer reasonable and straightforward pricing and give estimates forthright to many services on a large number of cars. Book our services with certainty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our work only deals with high rated mechanics.

All services are sponsored by our 12-month/12,000-mile guarantee.

We Make It Easy

Get a quote and book a service online anytime you like. Our mechanics will come to your home or office, even on night times and weekends.
We look forward to delivering just the best Mobile mechanics in Los Angeles, Irvine and Santa Monica.

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