People tend to get confused when they hear the words brake pads, brake rotors or discs thinking they are similar or have the same function. This article will help you better understand the functions and importance of brake pads and rotors in the braking system.

Rotors are discs made from steel and iron. They connect to the axel and use brake pads and Calipers to control braking system. Brake rotors are also known as brake discs. Brake pads, rotors, and calipers together manage the braking of a car. The rotors absorb a lot of heat generated while braking.

The part of the braking system which needs to be replaced more often than other parts. Brake pads are made of many components such as iron, copper, steel, and graphite combined together. They connect with the rotors and squeeze them to reduce the speed of the car and to stop it.

Brake pads and rotors need to function together to reduce the speed or stop the car. The caliper is what binds the brake pads and rotors together for the proper functioning of the braking system. The caliper is like a clamp that connects the brake pads and rotors. When you press the brake pedal, its the caliper that forces the brake pads onto the rotors to stop the car. The calipers last for a long time.

The brake pads are the ones that need to be replaced on a timely basis due to constant wear and tear it takes. The brake pads last 25000-50000 miles and depend mostly on how you drive a car. Braking unnecessarily and applying short brakes can cause more damage to the brake pads. The same goes for rotors, they also take a lot of wear and tear but are built to last longer. The rotors get damage when the brake pads wear out but you don’t get them replaced. It causes the smooth surface of the rotors to become rough and causes it to lose grip and create squeaking sound.The rotors should be diagnosed every time you get your brake pads replaced and should be resurfaced or replaced if necessary. The rotors usually last around 30000-70000 miles.

The main difference between brake pads and rotors even though they work for the same cause is of its functionality. One applies the pressure, while the other absorbs the heat created by the pressure to stop the car.

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