When to (and not to) Have Your Cooling System Flushed

When to (and not to) Have Your Cooling System Flushed

Your vehicle’s radiator is the core of your car’s cooling system. It’s responsible for reducing the heat generated from the coolant circulating through your vehicle’s system.

The radiator must be clean, leak free, filled with coolant and clear of blockages.

So how will you know when to change it?  Who can change it?  Is it an expensive process?

Properly Maintain Your Cooling System

Overheated carCoolant that is not maintained becomes acidic over time and degrades the internals of your cooling system. This deterioration results in the structural break-down of hoses, gaskets and belts. Degraded coolant can also lead to premature water pump failure.

Fixing these one-off leaks could just be a short term solution for a much larger problem. The good news is these issues can be avoided by performing coolant flushes at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.  A reputable mobile mechanic can complete this flush when you need it.

Radiator inspectionOur coolant system evaluation includes:

  • Quality service performed by a professional Otobots technician
  • Visual inspection of entire coolant system, including belts, hoses, caps, clamps, cooling fans, water pump and radiator
  • Notation of any signs indicating overheating
  • Perform a leak test designed to identify internal leak(s) in the combustion system which may not be visible upon inspection
  • Oil and transmission fluid check to determine potential coolant leak in the engine
  • Perform pressure test on radiator cap and record findings
  • Top off coolant level if necessary
  • Injection of an ultraviolet tracer dye for a black light inspection of all coolant components to detect leak points

Popular Q&A’s

Q: My car’s A/C doesn’t blow cold air any more. Can you fix that?

A: Your refrigerant may be low, either because you need a refill or because you have a leak in your AC system. Your Otobot technician can tell you for sure.

Q: When I turn on the A/C it makes a weird noise but still works; where could the noise be coming from?

A: It could be a minor engine noise or hose you’re hearing, but it could also be a symptom of problems with your compressor. This is the heart of the system, so have it checked if you hear anything unusual.  Your Otobot technician can tell you during his/her inspection.