Installing Aftermarket Parts May (or may not) Help the Performance of Your Vehicle

Installing Aftermarket Parts May (or may not) Help the Performance of Your Vehicle

cold air intakeIf you were to visit a privately owned local car care facility who specializes in installing performance-enhancing parts, chances are you’ll be receiving aftermarket parts for your car.

Most drivers who install aftermarket parts generally shy away from going to car dealerships.  Why?  Lower cost and technicians at dealerships do not install aftermarket parts.

So, why ‘soup’ up or modify a car?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an Aftermarket Part?

Car intercoolerThe automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry, concerned with the manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories.

Aftermarket parts are used by producers other than a particular dealer. You can find them with mobile mechanics or at auto repair locations specializing in the customization of vehicles. These parts can vary in quality and might not always be compatible with your vehicle.

More than often, consumers prefer to buy performance aftermarket parts when replacing or upgrading due to the low cost and the wide availability of products.

New technologies like 3D printing are seen as a potential to transform the supply chains of aftermarket parts and improve or simply revolutionize the competitive market.

In few cases, you might get a guarantee on the installation of the components. Some parts might have compatibility issues and often vendors refuse to certify their compatibility. Since several companies in Chicago produce a variety of performance-enhancing products, you are given a broad range to choose from, which sometimes get confusing for the customers.

Car LEDsThe automotive industry faces a fierce competition in manufacturing parts leading wide price ranges and better unique features of performance parts. While the quality of some of them can be equal or superior to OEM, others are of much inferior quality.

If you decide to install a performance part and not purchase an OEM part, be sure there is a mechanic in your area who specializes in installing and troubleshooting this part.  There may be some mobile car mechanic‘s in your area who specialize in customization.  It’s best to perform a Google search to locate these services.