During fall season of Illinois, the weather is usually colder and some component of the vehicle can be affected. The first inspection a mobile mechanic should check is antifreeze. The antifreeze should have a proper mixture of 50/50 and the antifreeze should be filled to the top of the radiator and to the full line of the overflow tank. Also, if the antifreeze is dark brown in color or has more than 30,000 miles then it is time to flush the cooling system.

After the antifreeze inspection, the mobile mechanic should inspect the battery and alternator system. The battery should have the minimum cold cranking amps for your vehicle and the voltage of the battery should be no less than 12.6. If the battery is weak, it should be replaced. In addition, the alternator should produce at least 13.5 – 14.2 volts. If the voltage is out of specification, the alternator should be replaced if it is producing too much voltage or too less. Next, Auto repair shops should check all drive belts for cracks, deterioration, and deflection. If the belts condition is worn have the mobile mechanic replace the belt.

Moreover, the fuel system should be inspected. The fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel injector should be inspected by a car repair shop. During the cold season, it’s is more difficult for fuel to move through the line, any restriction such has a dirty fuel filter, clogged fuel injector or weak fuel pump will make the vehicle difficult to start. Always have the mobile mechanic start with the basic and easiest part to replace and work his way up until the vehicle is running great. Next, the auto repair shops should inspect the tires. It is best to get snow tires with winter traction since it snow in Illinois. The tires should be properly inflated to the correct PSI.

In addition, there are many more components and that should be check. Engine oil should be replaced every 3,000 miles or 3 month so new oil moves more freely than older oil. Also, transmission fluid should be inspected. The color should be bright pink or if the fluid is older than 2 years or more than 30,000 miles it is time to replace the fluid. The brake system should be inspected since driving in the snow is dangerous, the brake system and abs should both work well. The abs light should not be on and there must be enough brake pads for stopping.  Furth more, if you need more inspection, call your local mobile mechanics and they will be more than happy to assist you and prepare your vehicle for the fall season. It is important to have your car checked and repaired by a reliable mobile mechanic. Skip the Auto Repair Shops in Naperville, Car Repair Shops in Northbrook, Auto Repair Shops in Elmhurst, Car Repair Shops in Des Plaines, since it is highly recommended to call Mechanics in Northbrook, Mechanics in Elmhurst, Mechanics in Naperville, and Mechanics in Des Plaines to perform an inspection.

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