Engine oil function in the car is to keep the engine and its components cool. The engine oil keeps the parts of the engine lubricated at all times which keeps them cool. The engine oil also improves the fuel efficiency of the car and improves the lifespan of the car. Due to these important functions the mechanics near you always suggest you use the best quality of oil for your car. There are three types of engine oil available each varying a bit in terms of price and performance among which the synthetic oil is considered to be the best for the car. By using the right engine oil you can get satisfactory results and keep the car performing at optimum level. If you use high-quality oil, it would last for about 5000-7000 miles before you have to get it changed. Get the oil changed on scheduled intervals to avoid engine problems from occurring.

Engine oil leaks are common as they are connected and travel through various seal and gasket located around the engine. There are many places where the oil can leak and it is not easy to identify the spot without diagnosing it properly. If you spot engine oil leak from the car, it is not easy to identify the source as the oil flows through various places before it falls down. The exact area is really difficult to locate. Plus, the dirt and debris make it even harder to spot the point of leakage. Here are some ways through which you can locate exact place of engine oil leak.

One way to figure out the engine oil leak is by using a degreaser. Purchase a degreaser and apply it on the area where you think the oil might be leaking from, but make sure that the engine is cool before doing so. After applying the degreaser wait for a while and then wipe it off. Start the car and keep it on for a while and then check under the car for the leak. It is really difficult to spot some leaks and takes a lot of time to locate it by repeating the process until the leak gets bigger.

The other way to locate the leak is to use a UV leak detector kit. With the UV kit comes the fluorescent dye which is made for specific engine fluid. You need to add the dye into the engine oil. After you pour the dye in the engine oil, turn and keep the engine on for 10 mins. Take the car for a short spin to burn the time if you want to. Then, let the engine cool down properly before starting to check with the UV light. When you start checking, look for the green glow which is the sign that the dye is leaking from that particular spot. That is how UV kit can help locate engine oil leak.

If you don’t like to DIY, you can take the car to an auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanic near you.