Water Pump Diagnosis and Service

Water Pump Diagnosis and Service

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What types of water pump diagnosis do you offer?

Water pump replacement

Water pump diagnosis

Package includes:

• Pump replacement
• Fluid top off
• Visual brake check
• Complimentary inspection

Why Perform a Water Pump Diagnosis Every 50,000 Miles?

In order for your vehicle to run cool on hot summer days, your engine needs to have a consistent flow of coolant provided by the radiator throughout the engine by way of the water pump.

When it works properly, your car will maintain a consistent operating temperature, run smooth, and take you anywhere you need to travel safely. When the water pump fails or is beginning to wear out, it can lead to complete engine failure.

When the water cooled engine was introduced, many automotive experts believed that the water pump circulating coolant through the engine block was just as critical to engine protection as oil. Your car’s water pump is the key to making the entire system work (it is an impeller pump that is buried under the timing belt cover on the side of the engine).

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Why a water pump is crucial for your car?

Our certified technicians will consider the make, model, condition, and mileage of your car before recommending the necessary water pump repair or replacement. We offer various water pump’s that are recommended based on your car’s individual needs. All water pump-related packages include visual brake check, and our complimentary inspection.

Still not sure if your vehicle needs a water pump diagnosis? Read our FAQ’s:


A: The water pump is comprised of multiple gaskets and seals that keep coolant contained and ensure that consistent flow of coolant is delivered from the radiator to the engine. Eventually, these gaskets and seals will wear out, dry up, crack or break entirely. When this happens, coolant will leak from the water pump and drop to the ground, typically in the front of your car and in the center of the motors location. If you see a puddle under your engine, call an Otobots mechanic immediately so we can fix the problem and get you and your way.


A: From time to time you might hear a high pitched sound that comes from the front of the motor. This is typically caused by a loose belt that creates a harmonic buzzing or whining sound as it circulates. The loose belt is commonly caused by a pulley that has become loose or that the bearings that operate the water pump assembly are wearing out. Once the bearings fail inside the water pump, unfortunately this means that that a certified mechanic will have to replace the water pump.


A: If you notice steam is coming from the front of your motor as you drive or come to a stop, this is an instant sign of an overheated engine. As discussed above, an engine will maintain a consistent temperature when the water pump works correctly and circulates water to a functioning radiator. If you notice steam coming from the front of your motor, you should pull over to a safe area and contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

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