Auto Repair in Hoffman Estates IL

Our ASE certified auto mechanics in Hoffman Estates IL are ready to service your vehicle and perform the required maintenance necessary to keep you on the road. For years, our experienced technicians have been helping vehicle owners care for their investment.

Our technicians are dedicated to providing quality mobile auto repair and total customer satisfaction. We offer a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty AND up to 30% off what auto repair shops or dealers charge.

Mobile mechanics in Hoffman Estates IL

Keeping your car properly maintained can greatly extend its lifespan and remove any worries about a breakdown in the middle of rush hour or your next road trip. Regularly checking fluids and tire pressure will ensure that nothing suddenly goes wrong that could have been avoided. At Otobots, we understand how alarming it can be when a dashboard indicator light suddenly comes on, especially if you’re far from home or the office.

With our mobile mechanic service in Hoffman Estates, we can repair your car in your driveway or private parking lot, and provide insight to why those indicator lights came on in the first place. Many modern cars have several indicator lights on their dashboard, and by reading your owner’s manual, you should be able to identify what each light means. If a certain light keeps coming on, it’s best to call us right away. We can run diagnostics on your car, and see if there is an actual problem, or if the indicator sensor is faulty. We will make absolutely sure that everything is properly repaired before we leave your location.

If the indicator lights have made it so you’re too nervous to drive it to a repair shop, our mobile mechanics are the perfect choice. You can leave the car parked right where it is, and as long as it’s in a safe location, we’ll provide the necessary inspection and repairs. We’re happy to help Hoffman Estates residents keep their cars on the road, and with regular oil changes and basic tune-ups, you’ll keep driving for years to come.

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