There are many simple auto repairs that people ignore which in long-term can results in major problems if not taken seriously. Here are some of the simple auto repairs that people ignore which turn into major problems later on.

Oil and filter change: This is a simple auto repair that needs to be done every couple of months. As both oil and the filter affect the performance of the engine. The engine oil helps cool down the engine and lubricates the parts of the engine for smoother performance. While the filter is used to prevent the dust particles from entering the engine. The engine oil usually lasts 3000-7000 miles depending on the type and quality of the oil. While the filter needs to be replaced between 5000-7500 miles. If you ignore these simple repairs, it can result in major engine problems like overheating and complete engine breakdown. If you ignore replacing or servicing the filter it can result in damage to the internal parts of the engine.

Brake repairs: Brake system of the car consists of many components that work together to slow down and stop the car. The simple auto repair problems related to brakes are brake pad replacement, rotors resurfacing and replacement, and brake fluid change. These replacement and changes are required to maintain the braking system and don’t cost as much as major repairs. The brakes pads are to be replaced every 25000-60000 miles depending on the type of brake pad and style of driving. While the rotors are to be replaced every 30000-70000 miles. The rotors can last longer as they can be resurfaced when they get rough, but there is no such option for brake pads. If any simple brake repair is ignored, it would result in damage to the other parts of the system as well which would lead to major auto repair problems.

Tire replacement: This is another simple repair that does not need to be done often, but when the time comes, you should not ignore it. The safety of everyone in a car depends on the condition of the tyres and brakes. The tires usually need to be changed after 3-5 years. They need to be rotated after some time to manage the wear they take. If you ignore tire replacement, it can result in many major problems as it would affect the suspension, brakes, wheel alignment etc. Hence, it is better to get the simple things done in time to avoid such issues.

Radiator repairs: Radiator refill is the simplest thing a car owner has to do. It has to be a part of his daily routine to check the coolant level in the car. If the level is below par, it needs to be refilled. Radiator coolant helps cool down the heat generated from the engine. It needs to be flushed 30000 miles to avoid dirt and other particles from settling down in the radiator which can block the flow of coolant. If these simple measures and auto repairs are not done, the engine car overheats and cause a complete breakdown.

The simple repairs that you get done on time help you to save money in the long-term as all the major problems are diagnosed well before and dealt with accordingly. Consider getting the simple auto repair done as a sort of preventive measure which helps to avoid major repairs and saves money in the process. There is some repair that cost a lot of money which can be avoided easily by getting the simple repairs done on time.

These repairs don’t take much time and can be done on any day. All you need is a couple of hours to get the repairs done. The local mechanics can get all these simple repairs done easily and it won’t take much of your time. It would be even better to book a mobile mechanic to get the auto repair service wherever you are, be it, at work or home. By spending a couple of hours on these repairs, you save a lot of time that you might have to spare to get the major repairs done in the future. Some major repairs require a whole day or even more, depending on the availability of the parts.