Summer Maintenance Tips for a Happy & Healthy Car

Keeping your vehicle in top condition is vital throughout the summer because when the weather is warmer, you’re more likely to take it out for a spin. The Mobile Mechanics in San Jose understand it can be a hassle to perform regular maintenance if you’re occupied, but here are a couple of easy care hints which will make your car healthy for the summer.

  • Check Tires: Preserving the appropriate tire pressure is vital; check your tire pressure once weekly. Heat will inflate tires more than normal. Clear sky and roads can motivate anybody to hit a drive for long on the weekend. But driving with under-inflated, over-inflated, worn out or misaligned tires isn’t safe at all. The standard tire pressure changes with changing temperature. Check your car’s user manual to learn about the right tire pressure or take your car to a nearby garage to let a tire specialist do the job for you. Track air pressure in your tires often to avoid damages. And also do not forget to check your spare tire if it is inflated properly and also in good condition.
  • Assess Hoses and Belts: These things are often checked when you go in for a tune-up, but it doesn’t mean you can’t check them periodically by yourself. Hoses and belts are critical to your engine, and any signs of damage, for example, cracks or fraying, should be taken care of immediately as prescribed by our Mobile Mechanics in Fremont.
  • Change Car Oil Consistently: Shifting your vehicle’s oil often will make your car last longer, and enhance engine performance. You must also frequently check your oil levels; Otobots Mobile Mechanics advocates you change your oil once a week when you gas up throughout summer time.
  • Change Air Filter: It’s an excellent idea to change your air filter once every season. Take a look under the hood; if your air filter is black and grimy, it’s time for a change. Having a clean air filter is crucial, particularly throughout the summer, as it influences the performance of your vehicle’s AC unit.
  • Preserving AC Unit:  Before summer comes, for those in Hayward,  have your air conditioner checked by reputable mobile mechanics in Hayward. There is a probability that you will make use of it more during the summer period than in the winter. Your air conditioner might not be working properly even if it is working at all. When you run your air conditioner at least once a week it will ensure all hoses and valves are working well.

Cleaning your car battery: Dead battery and jumpstarts are a regular sight throughout the winter days. The hot summer days even get more rigorous on a car battery. High temperature boosts the speed of chemical reaction in the battery that makes the battery overcharge. When a car battery overcharges, it may shorten the service life expectancy of your battery. Moreover, excessive heat also can cause the internal fluid of the battery evaporate. It is vital to consistently clean battery cables and terminals to ensure it works properly all year round. Ensure all battery connections are tight enough. Should you suspect the battery is overcharging or firing more quickly, for folks in Union City, you can visit your closest mobile mechanics in Union City to get your car battery fast fixed up.

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