Reasons For Flat Tire And Tire Replacement

Reasons For Flat Tire And Tire Replacement

Tire Checks
It is really important to get the tire pressure checked every time you get the gas refilled. Tires need to be kept inflated in order for them to last longer. If the tire pressure is low the chances of flat tire increases. Tire checks also include getting the tread of the tire checked by a professional mechanic. Tread helps to understand the condition of the tire and the road grip it can provide. They also need to be rotated every 8 to 12 months to keep the wear and tear even and last longer. Getting them aligned is also necessary every time you get the tires rotated or replaced. All local auto shops provide tire replacement and checking services.

Driving Conditions
This is another factor that affects the tires most as the tires get affected due to the weather changes as well as the types of roads they are being driven on. The tires suffer due to the rough roads with puddles. They also get affected when the conditions are extremely hot or cold. During the summer, the tires can wear out quickly or go flat due to the amount of heat they take. In winter, the tires lose their grip and can wear out quickly due to brakes being pressed hardly or skidding often. The mechanics suggest to have two sets of tires for summer and winter or try the all-season tires for the weather conditions and driving conditions in the area are not extreme.

Driving Style
The driving style of a car owner also affects the tire’s lifespan in a huge way. If the car is driven smoothly, the gears are changed accordingly and brakes are applied as required, the tires will sure last longer. But if the car is driven roughly and high speed, the brakes need to be applied often resulting in more wear and tear to the tires. It also affects the brake pads and rotors which if get worn out, would also affect the tires.

Seasonal Tire Requirements
Another major reason for tire replacement and flat tires is the season requirements. If you don’t use the right tire for the right season, it will wear out or result in a flat tire. There are basically two major seasons that affect the tire and driving which are summer and winter. In summer, you can use the regular tires and all season tires. In winter, you require winter tires which are specially designed to gain a better grip on the slippery icy roads. Without the use of right tires, there will be a lot of problems such as problem while braking.

It is suggested by professional mechanics to use the right tires for the right seasons to get the best and safe driving experience.