Why is my car not starting at all or starts but dies right away?

Why is my car not starting at all or starts but dies right away?

There is nothing worse than a dead car especially when you need to get somewhere on time. There are several possible root causes that are preventing you from starting your car. Some are easy and can be fixed by an average Joe while others may need a mechanic to take a look. Here are some of the common symptoms and causes behind them:

  • Nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

More than likely you have a dead battery in scenario. You can try to jump the car using a spare battery, battery booster or another car. If this issue happens more than one time, have the battery and alternator inspected by an auto mechanic such as our Mechanics in San Diego

  • Even with a jump, nothing happens when you turn the key (No clicking or cranking)

If nothing happens even with a jump, then most likely there are issues with connections between the battery and the starter or the starter itself.

  • A clicking noise but doesn’t crank

This usually means you have a weak battery. Try jumping the car in this situation and if successful, have a technician run a battery diagnostics to see if it’s time for a new battery. If jumping the car doesn’t work, then you may have a bad connection between battery and the starter, a bad starter solenoid or a bad starter itself. It’s time to engage a mechanics in Poway, CA.

  • Engine is cranking very slowly

This is pointing towards a weak battery. Try jumping the car and if successful, considering replacing the battery unless you see an obvious cause for charge drainage such as lights left on overnight.

  • Car cranks but doesn’t start

In this situation, you can have a bad fuel pump, spark plug issues, ignition coil issues and a blockage/leakage of fuel itself.

  • Car starts for a few seconds then it dies

This symptom is pointing towards a faulty fuel injector or a fuel flow issue. It’s time to book a mechanics in Encinitas as it involves advanced repairs.

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