The engine has many important parts that are very complicated and require proper maintenance and care to function smoothly. Transmission fluid is just a part of the process which makes the functioning of the transmission system smooth and easy. Just like the other fluids and oils in the car, transmission fluid is a lubricant. Its main purpose is to make sure the transmission function smoothly and doesn’t get damaged by keeping it cool and lubricated. It is really necessary to keep a track of the transmission fluid because if it goes bad, many problems can arise. The fluid helps make sure that the gears are not grinding against each other by keeping them lubricated. Over time in while protecting the gears from grinding, the fluid creates and collects a lot of debris which can cause problems in the process. It would affect the acceleration and the gear shifting won’t be as smooth as it was before. The presence of debris and dust particles make it really hard for the transmission fluid to do its job. These are the reasons why transmission fluid is so important for the car.

The reasons to get the transmission fluid changed are many. From the loss of acceleration to gear shifting problems are some common examples. The major problem that can happen if transmission fluid is not changed is the complete transmission system failure. It is really serious as it is one of the most expensive repairs and it would take a good amount of time to get done. If you have to get the transmission system replaced, it would result in a huge amount of money and labor charges as well. The problems if not dealt with on time can result in serious problems and can result in breakdown and transmission failure at any time. It is something that a car owner should try to avoid by taking preventive steps and getting it checked and replaced as mentioned in the owner’s manual.

The transmission fluid problem is not that easy to identify. It is hard to catch the signs and they increase at a quick rate. It is really important to be alert to it. The best way to identify it is by checking the color of the transmission fluid. If the fluid is in good condition, its color will be read. If the fluid is worn out and has debris, it would have turned brown. Also, check under the car when you park it or move it as it can help identify the problem. There would be a small puddle of fluid forming under the car when parked. Another sign would be trouble shifting gears and sounds while shifting gears. It could be a result of low fluid.

To get the car diagnosed and to get the transmission fluid replaced, you can visit a mechanics near you or hire a mobile mechanic near you to get the job done.


Spark plug and battery are two important and integral part of the car. A problem with either of these parts can result in major problems, breakdowns, car not starting etc. Both these parts perform major roles in the car to help the car start and function smoothly. Here are the reasons explaining why these two parts are so important for the car and why to get them replaced on time.

The spark plugs are considered to be durable parts compared to the other parts and they don’t need maintenance or replacement until 30,000 to 100,000 miles. But the spark plugs wear out as the time goes by and weakens in performance. The voltage that the spark plugs initially produced is lower after being used for a good while. It can be known by the signals it shows when it loses its effectiveness. There is trouble while starting the car which might make people think that it could be due to a weak battery, but that is not always the case. If the spark plugs don’t generate enough power, it can drain the battery as well and the car won’t start. The engine would misfire as a result of weak spark plugs. The engine misfiring can cause damage to the exhaust system of the car. Weak spark plugs can also be identified when there is a lack of acceleration. All of these problems are a result of weak spark plugs as it cannot generate enough power to let the engine function smoothly.

Getting the spark plugs changed on time which is mostly noted in the owner’s manual would assure that the car would be functioning at top efficiency and providing optimum performance. It would also help maintain the fuel efficiency of the car. Getting the spark plugs replaced would also mean that you won’t have trouble starting the car in winter unless there are extreme weather conditions. It is better to get the spark plugs replaced on time to ensure that it doesn’t damage other parts of the car and get the best performance out of the car. The spark plugs replacement can be done by any mechanics near you. Go to a local auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanics whichever you feel is the best for you.

Battery replacement is necessary on timely intervals to maintain efficiency and to keep the car running efficiently. A weak battery would mean that the car won’t start. Getting the battery checked before every season is necessary as different weather conditions affect the battery. It good to make sure the battery is in good condition for the coming season. A fully charged battery is at 12.6 A anything below it would cause problems. The car battery doesn’t only help start the car, but provides power to the engine, fuel system, internal accessories, vehicle lights and others. The sign of a weak battery is when you notice the headlight or dashboard lights get dim and the car doesn’t start as smoothly as it used to. Once you notice these signs, it is important to get the battery checked. A battery usually lasts for around 3 to 5 years. The battery can also cause problems if the terminals are loose or there are buildup and corrosion around it.

Mechanics suggest you get these parts replaced by professionally trained and certified mechanics to avoid any problems in the future as the parts wearing out quickly or damage to other parts as a result of negligence. The best way to get them replaced is to get your car to a local auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanic near you that would come to your home or office to provide the service. Mechanics also suggest the owners read the manual to get to know more about the car and the intervals to get the various parts checked or replaced. It would help them get to know more about the car and know exactly when to book the appointment saving them time. If there are any doubts regarding the battery and spark plug replacement, you can consult a mechanic near you for more advice.


Here are some of the tips that can help you clean the windshield better without causing any damage to it.

Choosing the right windshield clean is really important to prevent unnecessary scratches on the glass. When choosing windshield cleaner make sure to choose the one which has ammonia in it. Ammonia damages the tinted glass. Always check the labels while buying and make sure it says safe for tinted glass. These cleaners can be purchased at auto stores. You can also use regular water to clean the windshield. It won’t be as effective as the windshield cleaners, but it gets the job done.

Unlike other auto repairs or maintenance, cleaning the windshield is not on anyone’s list. It is important to make it a regular habit to get the windshield cleaned every couple of days or after a long trip. If you are planning to clean the windshield along with other maintenance like wax or polish, make sure to get the other things before cleaning the windshield. If you get the other things done after cleaning the windshield, something might spill on the glass later on and leave a mark which you would have to clean again. Make sure to clean the windshield from both inside and outside.

Where your car is parked when you clean the windshield also matters. If you park the vehicle out in the sun, it can cause the windshield cleaner to evaporate even before you scrub it off. It is better to clean the windshield after parking the car in the garage or under a shade. By choosing the right place to clean the windshield, you can clean it easily without any problems.

Choosing the right material to clean the windshield is really important as wrong materials used to wipe the windshield can damage it. Some people use tissues and newspaper to clean the windshield with water which damages the windshield and leaves scratches on it. The right thing to use is a towel to clean the windshield. Mechanics suggest you to use a high-quality microfiber towel to clean the windshield. It is recommended to use such towels as they are really smooth and provides the finish required to clean the glass. It also prevents scratches caused by electrostatic attraction.

All the necessary materials can be bought from any auto store near you. For any doubt regarding cleaning the windshield or replacing it, you should consult a mechanic near you. If you plan on getting it replaced, you can get it changed at a local auto repair shop or by a mobile mechanic near you.


Engine oil function in the car is to keep the engine and its components cool. The engine oil keeps the parts of the engine lubricated at all times which keeps them cool. The engine oil also improves the fuel efficiency of the car and improves the lifespan of the car. Due to these important functions the mechanics near you always suggest you use the best quality of oil for your car. There are three types of engine oil available each varying a bit in terms of price and performance among which the synthetic oil is considered to be the best for the car. By using the right engine oil you can get satisfactory results and keep the car performing at optimum level. If you use high-quality oil, it would last for about 5000-7000 miles before you have to get it changed. Get the oil changed on scheduled intervals to avoid engine problems from occurring.

Engine oil leaks are common as they are connected and travel through various seal and gasket located around the engine. There are many places where the oil can leak and it is not easy to identify the spot without diagnosing it properly. If you spot engine oil leak from the car, it is not easy to identify the source as the oil flows through various places before it falls down. The exact area is really difficult to locate. Plus, the dirt and debris make it even harder to spot the point of leakage. Here are some ways through which you can locate exact place of engine oil leak.

One way to figure out the engine oil leak is by using a degreaser. Purchase a degreaser and apply it on the area where you think the oil might be leaking from, but make sure that the engine is cool before doing so. After applying the degreaser wait for a while and then wipe it off. Start the car and keep it on for a while and then check under the car for the leak. It is really difficult to spot some leaks and takes a lot of time to locate it by repeating the process until the leak gets bigger.

The other way to locate the leak is to use a UV leak detector kit. With the UV kit comes the fluorescent dye which is made for specific engine fluid. You need to add the dye into the engine oil. After you pour the dye in the engine oil, turn and keep the engine on for 10 mins. Take the car for a short spin to burn the time if you want to. Then, let the engine cool down properly before starting to check with the UV light. When you start checking, look for the green glow which is the sign that the dye is leaking from that particular spot. That is how UV kit can help locate engine oil leak.

If you don’t like to DIY, you can take the car to an auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanic near you.


Purpose of the Alternator
The alternator is an important component of the car. It is the part of the engine which produces electricity. This electricity is generated by the crankshaft which rolls along with the belt attached to it to create electricity. It helps ensure that the engine and the rest of the parts get power they need to function perfectly. The alternator is connected to the battery and rest of the car by the lines which go in and out of the alternator. When a part is not being used when the car is running, it is used to charge the battery. It helps avoid car starting problems due to battery charge being low.

Functions of Alternator
The functions of the alternator are to help maintain the air conditioning system and it also helps to make sure that the GPS, radio, and headlight function without taking a toll on the engine. These are some of the basic functions of the alternator and it is one of the most integral parts of the hybrid cars as it helps those cars generate enough electricity to operate while the engine will not be running. If the alternator is working properly and to its full potential, you will notice an increase in power.

Signs of problem
If the car is facing problem while starting or staying on, that could be a sign that there is a problem with the alternator or it has failed. When the lights of the car get dim while you are driving at night it is a sign that the alternator is facing a problem. Alternator problems should never be avoided and need to be checked immediately. If the alternator is not diagnosed and repaired on time, it would drain the battery quickly and you might even have to get the battery replaced due to excess load. By getting the alternator replaced as soon as possible it will help increase the lifespan of the car and certain parts that get affected by it. It will help you get a better driving experience.

If you feel that there are some points that you still don’t understand about the alternator or want to know more about the types of alternator problems, consult a local mechanic near you to get more information about it. Even if you go to an auto repair shop or hire a mobile mechanic to get the auto repair done, ask them questions regarding any doubts you might have.


Getting your car serviced regularly is the most common and important advice that mechanics give to their clients. The people don’t usually take it seriously but it is one of the most important things to do in order to prevent auto repair problems in the future. By servicing the car regularly, you can ensure that the parts of the car stay in good condition and perform as well as last to its full potential. Servicing the car on time also benefits by saving money on auto repair costs that get diagnosed soon. Some of the problems can even be avoided by servicing the car regularly like a fluid refill and filter servicing help avoid engine problems. Any mechanic near you would suggest you get your car serviced at regular intervals to save time, money, and improve the lifespan of the car in a long-term scenario.


Check Your Manual
Each vehicle is created differently and needs a different kind of maintenance. The parts and technology differ from each other in many. Hence, the schedule of repairs is also different from each other. An example of this can be the tyre pressure level of cars as the SUV’s require different tyre pressure whereas the hatchback needs different. This is the reason why all car come with a user manual and mechanics suggest you to check the user manual to know more about your car and its maintenance schedule. Details about some of the part replacement intervals and tyres changes are mentioned in the manual which helps plan in advance.

Tyre Rotation
This is another preventive measure suggested by the mechanics which ensure that the tyre tread wears equally and ensure weight distribution. It benefits in many ways by improving the lifespan of tyres, the fuel economy, and smoother performance while driving. The tyre rotation does not cost much and ensures that you do not have to face the major cost of replacing all the tyres soon. The mechanics also suggest you get the wheel alignment check when you get the tyre rotation done to improve the handling of the vehicle.

Fluid Check
This is a preventive measure that is really necessary as it prepares the car for any and all situations. If the fluid levels are as required, the car gives optimum performance under any kind of weather or road. If fluid levels are low it can affect many major parts such as the engine and steering. Some of the important fluid checks are radiator coolant, wiper fluid, antifreeze, and power steering fluid. By getting these fluids checked and refilled you can ensure great performance and avoid many auto repair problems from occurring.

Battery Check
This is something that can help you avoid car starting problems in the morning. Getting the battery checked is necessary to make sure the battery has enough charge to start the car. A fully charged battery show 12.6 A reading and anything below 12.3 A is considered to be low. If the battery goes dead it can cost you a lot to get it replaced and by getting it checked, you can make it last longer. It is better to get the battery checked every couple of months or before season change to avoid problems.

When confused, ask a mechanic.
If you feel there are some other questions in your mind related to any kind of auto repair, be it while getting it done or just to gain more knowledge, you should ask a mechanic. If you are getting a repair done, ask the mobile mechanic or local mechanic all the questions that you might have in your mind to clear it out. If you are planning to get an auto repair done and need to know more about it, never hesitate to consult a mechanic about the same. The professional mechanics are always ready to help and let you know how you can take preventive steps to avoid major problems.


There are many simple auto repairs that people ignore which in long-term can results in major problems if not taken seriously. Here are some of the simple auto repairs that people ignore which turn into major problems later on.

Oil and filter change: This is a simple auto repair that needs to be done every couple of months. As both oil and the filter affect the performance of the engine. The engine oil helps cool down the engine and lubricates the parts of the engine for smoother performance. While the filter is used to prevent the dust particles from entering the engine. The engine oil usually lasts 3000-7000 miles depending on the type and quality of the oil. While the filter needs to be replaced between 5000-7500 miles. If you ignore these simple repairs, it can result in major engine problems like overheating and complete engine breakdown. If you ignore replacing or servicing the filter it can result in damage to the internal parts of the engine.

Brake repairs: Brake system of the car consists of many components that work together to slow down and stop the car. The simple auto repair problems related to brakes are brake pad replacement, rotors resurfacing and replacement, and brake fluid change. These replacement and changes are required to maintain the braking system and don’t cost as much as major repairs. The brakes pads are to be replaced every 25000-60000 miles depending on the type of brake pad and style of driving. While the rotors are to be replaced every 30000-70000 miles. The rotors can last longer as they can be resurfaced when they get rough, but there is no such option for brake pads. If any simple brake repair is ignored, it would result in damage to the other parts of the system as well which would lead to major auto repair problems.

Tire replacement: This is another simple repair that does not need to be done often, but when the time comes, you should not ignore it. The safety of everyone in a car depends on the condition of the tyres and brakes. The tires usually need to be changed after 3-5 years. They need to be rotated after some time to manage the wear they take. If you ignore tire replacement, it can result in many major problems as it would affect the suspension, brakes, wheel alignment etc. Hence, it is better to get the simple things done in time to avoid such issues.

Radiator repairs: Radiator refill is the simplest thing a car owner has to do. It has to be a part of his daily routine to check the coolant level in the car. If the level is below par, it needs to be refilled. Radiator coolant helps cool down the heat generated from the engine. It needs to be flushed 30000 miles to avoid dirt and other particles from settling down in the radiator which can block the flow of coolant. If these simple measures and auto repairs are not done, the engine car overheats and cause a complete breakdown.

The simple repairs that you get done on time help you to save money in the long-term as all the major problems are diagnosed well before and dealt with accordingly. Consider getting the simple auto repair done as a sort of preventive measure which helps to avoid major repairs and saves money in the process. There is some repair that cost a lot of money which can be avoided easily by getting the simple repairs done on time.

These repairs don’t take much time and can be done on any day. All you need is a couple of hours to get the repairs done. The local mechanics can get all these simple repairs done easily and it won’t take much of your time. It would be even better to book a mobile mechanic to get the auto repair service wherever you are, be it, at work or home. By spending a couple of hours on these repairs, you save a lot of time that you might have to spare to get the major repairs done in the future. Some major repairs require a whole day or even more, depending on the availability of the parts.


There are various types of lights on a vehicle each having its own purpose and importance. Here are some of the important vehicle lights that are used often to avoid accidents and ensure safety.

The headlight plays an important role in improving the driving experience. They help the driver see clearly during different weather conditions and especially at night. The headlights are mounted on the front of the vehicle and its main purpose is to illuminate the road during the night, foggy, and low light conditions. It helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of the vehicle and the passengers. Always make sure to keep the headlights clean by taking preventive measures as it is really necessary. Headlights have two features mainly to help you see clear at close distance and other helps you see the far-off objects. It is suggested by mechanics to use genuine products for headlight or headlamps rather than aftermarket or cheap alternatives to avoid any risks.

The purpose of the tail lamp is simple. It helps the people see you from far or at a reduced distance when coming from behind to overtake you. It helps them to see you and judge whether to slow down the car, apply brakes immediately or to overtake you and go ahead. The tail lamp requires the same amount of maintenance as the headlights as the both their purposes are same. The safety it ensures is really important for a driver.

The fog lights are considered to be a safety feature. They are designed to help the driver see at low speed and to let them see the surface and verges of the road more clearly. The fog lamps play an important role when the visibility is really poor in rainy, foggy, dusty, or snowy conditions. If you live in an area which receives or faces a lot of snowfall, rain or dust storms, it is suggested by the mechanics to use fog lamps and maintain them for better visibility.

The indicator lights are located on the front, back, and side of the car. Sometimes on the side-view mirrors as well. These indicators play a really important role in ensuring safety while driving. These indicators help the driver to show other drivers from the other side of the road and from behind to understand which way he wants to go or turn. They are used while making left or right turns and while overtaking. Their importance cannot be ignored and it is necessary to get the lights replaced if one of them stops working.

The brake lights are on the back of the car while light up when the brake pedal is pressed to slow down or stop the car. This is considered to be one of the most important light as it indicates the cars behind what you are doing. Whether you are slowing down due to some reason, applying the emergency brake, the driver in the car behind will look at the brake light to understand what you are doing or about to do. It is a sort of a sign that helps avoid numerous accidents.


A battery is what helps fire up the engine. It is a source of power that helps in the ignition process. It also provides charge and power to other accessories of the car. Any car requires a battery as it is useful for various purposes in a car like starting the engine, stabilizing it, filtering, and also for car accessories like electrical lighting and dashboard lights. It helps provide power whenever the charging system is unable to carry excess loads and maintains the flow of charging system when it is not operating.

The battery is really important as your car won’t start without it being fully charged or the other accessories won’t be able to function without it. When the battery is fully charged the car can run smoothly and start on the first attempt.

A battery usually lasts 4-6 years depending on usage and maintenance. But it does start showing wear and tear after a couple of years of usage. It is an important component that needs to be taken care of regularly. Here are the signs that a car shows to indicate that the battery requires being replaced.

Check battery sign: The first thing you will notice when the battery is low of having any other problems is the check battery sign. It can be due to various reasons that the check battery light might pop-up like lose cable ends, low liquid level, and other. When you notice the sign it does not mean that it is something major and requires immediate attention. It just means that you need to get the battery checked in few days to figure out the problem.

Engine cranks but does not start: When the battery is a couple of years old or been idle for a while, it takes some time to crank up the engine. The car might require for tries to start as the battery charged gets low when it stays idle. It can also happen during the winter season. After a couple of years, the battery needs to be charged, cleaned, and maintained to get the best performance. It will also help it last longer.

Sometimes the car starts, sometimes do not: As the battery gets past its prime, the battery starts showing major signs like this which directly indicates that it requires being replaced. The car won’t be able to start even after many tries as the battery has lost its ability to recharge itself as it could before.

Taken to the limit: When you have used battery to its full potential by maintaining it, cleaning it, and recharging it, the battery finally will give up when it has run its course. The car would not able to crank up the engine after a lot of tries and there would be no use of getting too charged again.

Not even cranking the engine: This is the sign that shows that the battery is dead and has to be replaced immediately. The engine won’t even crank and the car won’t show any sign on the dashboard of a battery.

The best thing to do to get a battery replaced is to find a mechanic near you. Look for a local auto repair shop in the nearby area who is well-known auto repair service provider and people in the locality trust. You can also search online or call a mobile mechanic at your home or office to get the battery replaced. The process of replacing a battery is quite simple but is better to get it replaced by a professional as any sort of ignorance while replacing the battery can affect its lifespan and cause problems to the car as well. Even you can DIY it if you have some experience of doing it or by watching a tutorial. Still, for the best results, it is better to get it replaced by a professional mechanic.

These are the signs which indicate that the battery requires being replaced. Once you notice these signs, it means that the time is near to get a battery replacement done are to get it checked.

The importance of Pre-purchase inspection before buying Used Cars

Getting the pre-purchase inspection done before buying used cars is really important for many reasons. Only a professional mechanic can give you the answer to the question you might have before purchasing a used car. A professional opinion would benefit you a lot in the long term. Here’s why you should get a pre-purchase inspection done before purchasing a used car.

It is necessary to get the pre-purchase inspection done for used cars as they might not be what they look like from the outside. The exterior might look great, but it’s under the hood what matters. The pre-purchase inspection helps to find out the real condition of the car by diagnosing each part of the engine, brake condition, tyres and tear and much more. This pre-inspection helps to understand how long the parts will last and when you might have to pay a huge amount to get them repaired or replaced.

Diagnosing also helps to know about the auto repair problems that might be in the car or happen in the near future. Some car owners tend to sell the car just before it is about to cost them a huge amount of money in repair and pre-purchase used car inspection saves you from falling into such kind of traps. The pre-purchase inspection gets you complete information about the car from inside-out and lets you know whether it would be worth the investment or not.

Checking the quality of the car is really important. Whether the parts in the car are original or cheap replicas or alternatives from the market. Pre-purchase inspection helps to find out whether the parts of the car are genuine or not. As cheap parts used for brakes, oil and others can harm the lifespan of a car which is already been used and you are about to purchase it. The quality of parts and interior, as well as exterior, is really important to check as a car lifespan depends on all its components.

The main reason to get the pre-purchase inspection done is to find out the real worth of the car. Usually, the quoted price is always higher than what it should be. The inspection helps to find out the real price or worth of the car after proper diagnosis and checking. Whether it is worth the money being quoted and how long would the car last. Both these important questions get answered when you decide to get the pre-purchase inspection done. It also helps you get assured that you won’t have to worry about any auto repair problems for a couple of years if the car is in good condition.

You can get the pre-purchase inspection for used cars done by hiring a mechanic near you. Local mechanics and mobile mechanic provide this service. Mobile mechanics provide car pre-purchase car inspection service at an affordable price and do all the necessary diagnosis and checks required to assure the quality of the car and find out its true value.


The radiator coolant is very important for a car because the engine would overheat without it which can lead to breakdown and engine failure. The coolant is what helps the heat to dispel and keep the engine cool. The coolant is added to the radiator in mixed proportion with water which helps prevent the water from freezing or boiling in the extreme temperatures. The engine generates extreme heat which is unbearable and the cooling system highly relies on the coolant water to play its part in cooling the engine down.

The coolant water is a mixture of water and antifreeze which are stored in the radiator of a car. Mechanics generally suggest you add 50/50 of antifreeze if you add more antifreeze in the mix it would increase the boiling point and decrease the freezing point. It is better to add 50/50 of both as it suits all kinds of condition an engine might face.

Without coolant, the heat generated by the internal combustion can easily destroy the engine in no time and water is not enough to keep the temperature under control. Thus, coolant is required to make sure that the engine can remain cool under extreme temperature. In summer, the temperature is very high and the water alone would evaporate entirely. In the same way, in winter the water would freeze and the car would not be able to function. There are many other reasons that make coolant really important fluid for the car.

The coolant prevents the internal parts of the engine from corrosion. The coolant requires being changed every 30000 miles and every time you feel the radiator water has reduced you need to refill it.

The engine is prone to corrosion and coolants lose their properties as the time passes. Mostly, after a couple of years, the fluid when added to the radiator would look rusty instead of green, red or orange. It means that it is time to flush the radiator as it is the sign of rust at the bottom of the radiator. If the radiator is clean, the coolant will move more smoothly and the radiator would function more effectively. Mineral deposit, gunk, metal erosion are the things which can cause blockage and harm the system’s functioning. This can cause the engine to get hot and affect the performance of several parts of the car. Flushing the radiator removes all the unnecessary particles from the system.

The coolant flush should be done as recommended by the manufacturer. It is usually around 2 years or 30,000 miles. The radiator should be flushed when any related parts are replaced to prevent contamination of components. Climate and condition of the car is a major factor in which the interval to change fluids and parts depend. Making sure to get the coolant replaced on the noted time or when other worn-out parts are replaced is necessary and should not be avoided.


No matter how good of a condition the car is in, people still want to know how they can improve their car’s efficiency and fuel economy. Here are the ways by which you can get the best performance out of your car and also good fuel economy.

The simplest way to get the best out of anything is to maintain it. A car has a lot of different components and all those components require maintenance. If you are able to get it done on a timely basis, the car would function to its full potential. Here are the types of maintenance which pay a major role.

A car needs to be serviced every couple of months. It helps to avoid minor problems and identify if there are any other problems that can occur in the near future. Servicing helps keep the car in good condition and make sure all the systems and parts work smoothly. A lot of things get done when you get your car serviced. Most people prefer to get the oil changed when they get their car serviced. The tyre pressure, fluid levels, belts, and hoses etc get checked when you get the car serviced. The exterior of the car also stays in good condition due to it as the car gets washed and polished. If you get this basic thing done on a timely basis, there are no many problems that could occur.

Part replacements
There are certain parts of the car that just need to be replaced after a certain time period. It is not that they are worn-out, but it is necessary to do so to get maximum performance and to avoid any damage happening due to it. The performance of certain parts diminishes are being used for a certain time like brake pads, rotors, radiator coolant, engine oil, and others. These are required to be changed on the given time period mention on the product or as recommended by the manufacturer to get maximum performance out of the car and to avoid any problems from happening.

Tune-ups help optimize the functioning of a car. It is a sort of preventive measure in which parts of the car are diagnosed and tune-up to get the maximum out of it. Tune-ups help ensure that the car won’t breakdown anytime without you knowing why. As it checks all the parts and how they are functioning before and after optimizing them. Tune-ups also help save you a large amount of money by identifying the problem in early stages so that you can get it solved and won’t have to pay a large amount for a huge auto repair problem. It also helps avoid accidents and ensure the longevity of the car.

There are some simple thing that you can DIY as well. Wash your car every couple of week and wax it. It will help keep the car clean and prevent the color from fading.

To improve fuel economy make sure to drive at a constant speed and never to over speed. Also, shift gears as required.

Braking also plays a major role in improving fuel economy. If you brake unnecessarily, the car consumes more gasoline. Use brake when required and try to slow down without using brakes by letting go of the accelerator pedal when there is some distance left and applying brakes when necessary.

Take any professional mechanic’s suggestion and if you don’t know one, find a certified and trusted mechanic near you to gain more knowledge and improve the efficiency of the car.